"Return to Wonderland" #0 Sells Out @ Diamond – 2nd Printing On The Way

Official Press Release

Zenescope Entertainment, publisher of the hit series Grimm Fairy Tales and the critically acclaimed Se7en, is proud to announce that Return to Wonderland #0 has sold out at Diamond. A 2nd printing of the issue featuring a wraparound cover that combines both of the original covers will be out soon.

"Diamond has already sold out and most retailers are reporting sell outs," says Zenescope President Joe Brusha. "We are rushing back to print and will try to get more #0's on the shelf before #1 hits stands."

"We're glad fans and retailers alike support the book," says Zenescope VP Ralph Tedesco. "Raven Gregory and Al Rio did a bang up job on the issue and it shows."

Return to Wonderland follows the story of Calie Liddle, daughter of the now adult and mentally ill Alice, as she journeys to the twisted realm of Wonderland to uncover the mystery behind Wonderland's origins and her mother's sickness.

Return to Wonderland #1 ships on June 13th and features the following cover ratio:

RTW #1 - Regular Ebas and Rio Painted covers (50/50 split), Diamond code APR074093

RTW #1 - Ebas Sketch cover (5% of the print run), Diamond code APR074095

RTW #1 - Rio Sexy cover (10% of the print run), Diamond code APR074094

Return to Wonderland #2 is available for pre-order this month using Diamond Code MAY073863.

Please visit www.zenescope.com for more details.

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