"Return to Wonderland" #0, 1 and 2 Sell Out, Reprints on the Way

Official Press Release

Zenescope has officially sold out of the first printings of issues #0, 1 & 2 of the popular RETURN TO WONDERLAND series. In addition, the second printing of #1 has also run through, thus creating demand for a third printing. Reprints of all three issues will be solicited throughDiamond DATELINE very soon.

The series has flown off the shelves and commanded high bids on Ebay. One edition went for $255. The new reprints are sure to cause up a similar stir, as they will feature new covers to help celebrate their release.

In addition to high sales and collector attention, the critics have praised the book for its original take on the Wonderland story:

"Raven Gregory (The Gift, Se7en, Dead @17) sets this tale in the future: Alice and her family are all grown up… but not quite right. Alice is unhinged; her youngest son is psychotic, and Wonderland isn't the goofy pleasure garden full of chess and magic..."


"Wonderland books may be a dime a dozen out there these days. RETURN TO WONDERLAND, though, is one of the good ones."


More info about the reprints will be available soon. Retailers and fans are invited to keep checking www.zenescope.com for updates.

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