Charles Soule Talks The Return of Wolverine And, Of Course, #HotClaws

One of the physical effects we know of was mentioned by you in past interviews -- the fact that Wolverine's claws can become very hot, which has sparked some interesting discussion in the fan community. Can you comment or elaborate more on the hot claws phenomenon?

Yes, #HotClaws! It's been fun to see the reaction of the fans to that idea - that Logan's claws might, under certain circumstances, get incredibly hot, a la metal on a blacksmith's forge. Some people can't wait to see how they come into the story, and others think it's the dumbest idea ever (which I get). I mean, Logan's claws can already cut through anything... why do they need to do this too? I guess we'll all find out together.

The "new" claws aren't a big part of the story, and they're related to the overall theme for the book... but we'll see what folks think. I, for one, embrace the #HotClaws lifestyle.

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Is this a story entirely from Logan's perspective? Or will we experience it and his return through multiple points of view?

I'd say it's 93% Logan's POV, but we get a few others here and there. We cut away to some of the X-Men a bit, and we see some events from the perspective of Persephone, the new antagonist of the story. She's something else.

What else can you tell us about the X-Men and the other familiar faces in Return?

EXCLUSIVE: Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten and Laura Martin's art for Return of Wolverine #1

If you've been reading the Hunt, you'll get some ideas as to who might show up in Return. Kitty Pryde's in it, for example, and Storm. That's not all, though - the whole story is full of nods to Logan's history and legacy, good and bad.

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What's it like reuniting with artist Steve McNiven for this story? The preview art I've seen suggests that both you and he are really enjoying the chance to tell this tale.

Absolutely right. I was just on the phone with him last week talking through some of the story points, and he's just a blast to work with. I've been really lucky to be able to tell a number of big stories with Steve, and this is no exception. He's been adjusting his style a little for this book, channeling a Barry Windsor-Smith vibe, and it's incredibly intense and detailed. The pages just vibrate with intensity. I hope they release an inks-only version of this book at some point.

Finally, can you leave us with some hints and teases about the tone, action, and genres of Return of Wolverine?

It's an action book built around a mystery, almost a horror feel. Wolverine's return to the land of the living is not easy. In fact, the first chapter is titled "Hell."

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