Retailers speak out on 'The Dark Knight Strikes Again #1'

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With THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS #1 on sale for just four days, it's safe to say that the most eagerly anticipated comics sequel ever is a bona fide hit. But don't take our word for it! Here's what retailers are saying:

"Today was our best Wednesday since the death of Superman." - Matt Lehman, Comicopia, Boston, MA

"DC showed good foresight: They have copies in all the Diamond warehouses for immediate local shipping. Try to imagine another publisher planning and coordinating such an arrangement with Diamond." - Bob Hennesy, Hi De Ho Comics, Santa Monica, CA

"There's plenty of bang for the buck here. This opening chapter rocks the casbah and bodes well for a story that will prove to be well worth the wait. With innovative ordering options, plentiful reorders and unparalleled Direct Sales support, DC proves once again that they are the best darn partner that a comics retailer could have." - Jeff Rabkin, Beachead Comics, Allentown, PA

"We sold over 500 copies in six hours! We will sell close to a thousand in the first week!" - Mark Friedman, Kosmic Comics, New York

"I don't think a single customer has come in and not bought one!" - Troy Hasbrouck, Rebel Base, Charleston, NC

"It's by far our fastest selling book in the past six years. We're sold out and want more!" - Casey Heying, Buymetoys.com

"Books like THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN make it so easy to enjoy doing what we do. DKSA not only lived up to its sales potential (selling more in less than 3 days than our #1 book sells in a month!) but the book was a joy to read. Kudos to DC and the creative team for getting this project out on time, and having copies available for reorder!" - Scott McGovern, Dragon's Den Comics & Cards, Poughkeepsie, NY

"Our Bethesda store had its best sales day in 8 1/2 years. Our new Georgetown store (open 6+ months) had its best day ever. If this happens for all three issues, I will be ecstatic." - Joel Pollack, Big Planet Comics, Bethesda, MD

"I have not read it yet - we sold out before I got to look at one. It sold great!!" - Russ Garwood, Capital Comics, Raleigh NC

"So far, [sales are] right along with expectations. In other words, gangbusters. Almost every single customer has left with at least one copy." - Jeremy Schorr, Titan Comics, Dallas, TX

"Sales have been outstanding. It's our best-selling first-day release since Venom #1 (and we had the artist signing that one on the day of release). It's been our biggest first-day money-maker since the ARKHAM ASYLUM HC. We've already gone through 2.5 times our X-Men sales on this one, and I'm expecting to sell many more before it's over." - Cliff Biggers, Dr. No's, Marietta, GA

"DK2 is doing better than expected. It's a GREAT read. Exceeded my expectations. Two stores are out, the other 3 have less than 10 copies between them." - Phil Boyle, Coliseum of Comics, Miami, FL

"It's like 15 years ago all over again. We sold out of 400 copies in one day. We got another 100 in yesterday, and they're almost gone." - Glen Lightfoot, Superheroes Unlimited, N. Miami Beach, FL

"We got in 380 today, with another 200 coming in tomorrow. This book is definitely doing much better than my original expectations." - Gary Dills, Phoenix Comics & Toys, Inc., Herndon, VA

"Wow, am I happy. We also broke our single day sales record by over $1,000. I owe Frank big time. I've received numerous phone calls asking about DK2 availability. Each caller told me the rest of the city is sold out. That bodes well for sell-through this week. I guess I need more." - Gib Bickel, The Laughing Ogre, Columbus, OH

"I had one customer drive from 50 miles away on Tuesday to purchase DKSA, and I had to tell him we wouldn't have them until Wednesday. The next day he happily drove back to purchase the book." - Mimi Cruz, Night Flight, Salt Lake City, UT

"DKSA has exceeded my sales expectations. I knew it would bring in a lot of street traffic but I am finding it is bringing in the customers of old." - Kelly Dowd, Redd Skull, Calgary, Alberta

"It's a madhouse!!!" - Eric Thornton, Chicago Comics

"DK2 is off to a great start. Our downtown store sold through a little more than half of the 300 copies we received yesterday. We noticed plenty of new faces coming in - with more than a few picking up a few other titles as well (both Miller & non-Miller related). I handed out quite a few business cards, with the release dates of issues #2 & 3 written on the back." - Kevin Halstead, Zanadu Comics, Seattle, WA

"We sold out in 3-4 hours." - Roland Castle, Komix Castle, Athens, GA

"We placed a reorder yesterday equal to our original order. This is the largest unit and retail dollar comic book order for us since DC vs. Marvel #1 in 1995. We put in a reorder for #2 that quadrupled our original." - Jim Hanley, Jim Hanley's Universe, New York, NY

"DK2 is getting customers back in the store for the first time in years!" - Stephanie Hunter, Silver Snail, Toronto, ON

Don't forget to place your reorder for THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN #1 (STAR14689) while supplies last! DC also reminds retailers to double check their order quantities for DK2 #2 (NOV010565) and place advance reorders now. DK2 #3, the grand finale of the miniseries, is solicited in the December issue of Previews (Volume XI, #12) with an item code of DEC010552.

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