Retailers Invited To "Win Mark Millar"

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This week you can win Mark Millar for a free signing at your comic store - wherever you are in the world!

The retailer who orders the most copies of Mark Millar and Leinil Yu's upcoming release "Supercrooks" #1 will win the award-winning writer for an afternoon signing at their store. Mark will cover all his own flights and expenses; all you have to do is place the biggest order before Monday 27th February! The winner will be announced on CBR as soon as the Final Order Cut-Off window closes.

"We're giving the Millarworld books a push this year like nobody's ever done before, " explained Millar. "We've got all the best artists in the industry partnered with us here - Frank Quitely, Dave Gibbons, Leinil Yu, Steve McNiven and John Romita Jr - and we're not going to be shy about letting people know it. The movies will be great promotion for these books, but the comics are and always have been the most important part. 'Supercrooks' is being directed by the Spanish film-maker Nacho Vigalondo and we have some teasers that will appear on the day of the comic's release. But I wanted to make the promotion even more outrageous here and the idea of doing a signing anywhere in the world is exciting. All retailers have to do is place the highest order. It's a blind auction. The single store that orders more copies of this book than any other gets a signing and I cover all my own expenses. This could be in California, Australia or the Philippines. We find out next week. Please just don't let it be some Hell-hole."

Millar also pointed out that this is only the first is a major wave of PR campaigns for his books this year and fans should look forward to April when "The Secret Service" with artist Dave Gibbons and film-maker Matthew Vaughn launches.

"Supercrooks" is the latest creator-owned comic from Mark Millar and Leinil Yu, who wowed fans last year with the best-selling "Superior." It tells the story of a gang of super-villains who are tired of getting busted by superheroes in America and head for Spain, a country with no superheroes at all, to pull off the biggest heist of their career. This is "Ocean's 11" meets the "X-Men" and lifts the lid on the super-criminal underbelly we only see hints of in superhero comics. "Supercrooks" is where the villains are the stars and we don't even see the superheroes at all, focusing instead on their eccentric lifestyles, their gang loyalties, where they gamble the money from their crimes and how they pass the time when they're not fighting superheroes. "Supercrooks" is a fast, funny, sexy romp and you've never seen anything like it before. Oscar-nominated director Nacho Vigalondo has been attached to direct the movie adaption and both he and Mark recently completed the screenplay.

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