Retailer roundup: Captain America #600

As you may have heard yesterday, the New York Daily News broke some news about the upcoming Captain America: Reborn mini-series. Yesterday also saw Captain America #600 go on sale at some comic retail stores.

I emailed a couple of retailers yesterday who I knew were selling the book early to see how the book was doing and what kind of interest they were seeing in it. Others have commented on their own blogs or even in the comments field of one of our older posts, which you can find after the jump:

Vito Delsante, Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City:

We've been getting calls about it since 8:30, when I showed up. We put the book out for sale around 9:50 AM (possibly making us the first place in the city to have the book out for sale...possibly) and probably around 12:00 PM for our New Dorp store. Steady selling since then. A lot of questions, I'm guessing, from folks who don't actually follow the book, but remember Cap's death. It's been kind of fun though...selling comics on a Monday seems so dirty, I feel like we're breaking a law.

Ryan Higgins, Comics Conspiracy in Sunnyvale, Calif.:

After failing to properly stock the Obama Spider-Man issue and Captain America #25, we decided to go heavy on Captain America #600, and host a Monday release. So far, the day has been decent, but there's nowhere the demand for this as other Marvel "events." Still, anniversary issue + good story + hype will make this a constant seller for weeks to come. We've had about 30 people come down for the book so far today, which is about 28 more than a normal Monday, so I'm not complaining. I expect Reborn will sell well when it comes out, but Marvel might have overestimated the return of Steve Rogers. We'll see what happens in the next few months.

James Sime, Isotope Comics in San Francisco, commented yesterday in a previous Robot 6 post about his feelings about how the event was handled:

Well… Marvel’s long-awaited “major press worthy” Cap news hits with all the yawn-inducing impact of a Yanni concert (although that art looks pretty sweet). And not even a mention of Cap 600 or the special Monday release. http://marvel.com/reborn This is what Marvel and Diamond were certain was going to generate all sorts of real world press? Talk about your missed opportunities! On the other hand… DC’s USAToday announcement this morning is pretty exciting! http://bit.ly/7UIOb

My store is closed on Mondays for the simple reason that it is successful enough that it can afford to be. Instead of selling a bunch of copies of Cap 600 and other comics (like I would have if Marvel/Diamond hadn’t botched this promotion), I’m going to simply enjoy my day off today with a few bloody marys + fresh oysters with the blonde instead.

And over at The Savage Critics, Comix Experience owner Brian Hibbs celebrated his birthday and waited for the phone to ring about the news yesterday:

Just for a quick follow up: The New York Daily News has now run the story that REBORN #1 is, in fact, the return of Steve Rogers. (It also doesn't say anything about CAPTAIN AMERICA #600, out this week, ah well)




That's me waiting for the phone to ring.

Yeah, not going to happen -- resurrections just don't pack the same punch that deaths do.

At the end of the day, Marvel decided to fuck with retailers in the hope that news would break big. That doesn't seem to have happened.

(Happy belated birthday, Brian!)


If you're a retailer who sold the book on Monday or a fan who went out to buy the issue yesterday, we'd love to hear from you -- leave a comment below.

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