ResurrXion Watch: Which X-Men Are Missing In Action?

After a week full of announcements, X-Men fans now know the scope of what lies ahead for Marvel's mutants in 2017. A whole new slate of titles will arrive in April 2017 under the ResurrXion banner, including "X-Men Gold," "X-Men Blue," "Generation X," "Weapon X," "Iceman" and "Jean Grey." As if that's not enough, there's also the new "Cable" ongoing series, bringing the total of new X-books up to seven.

As X-Men fans know, though, seven ongoing series aren't enough to spotlight every mutant in the Marvel Universe. Seven ongoings aren't even enough to feature every A-list mutant, either. There are a lot of beloved mutants. It doesn't help that we also don't yet know the fate of the current line of X-Books. It's still possible that some of them will continue alongside the newly announced series. Of course some of the existing titles have seemingly morphed into other books; most of "Extraordinary X-Men's" cast is moving over to "X-Men Gold" while many of the "All-New" kids will star in "X-Men Blue." Additionally, "Weapon X" seems to be "Uncanny X-Men's" tonal heir as the extreme X-Book. But what does the future hold for the solo "Old Man Logan" and "All-New Wolverine" series? That's still up in the air.

With such a major overhaul of the X-line and so many new X-books on the way, we wanted to take a look at which characters are staying with the launch of ResurrXion, which ones are returning, and which ones may be teleporting back to limbo.

Who's Staying?


As mentioned above, some of the new X-Men series are basically importing the casts from some the currently existing books. "Extraordinary X-Men's" Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus and Old Man Logan will remain united in "X-Men Gold." The teenage Jean Grey will move from "Extraordinary" to "X-Men Blue," where she will star alongside her old teammates, "All-New X-Men" alums Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Angel. Jean will also have her own book.

A few of the stars of "Uncanny X-Men" will move to new books with ResurrXion. Magneto will take charge of the young heroes in "X-Men Blue," and Sabretooth will co-lead "Weapon X" with Old Man Logan. Additionally, the adult Iceman will move out of the "Extraordinary" team book and into his own solo ongoing series. And the last of the "Extraordinary" members, Magik, will have a supporting part to play in "Generation X." As Magik isn't in any of the promotional art for the series, it's not yet known just how big her role in "Gen X" will be. Magik has been a major player in the X-line for the last five or so years, as she returned from the dead, joined the Phoenix Five, served in Cyclops' revolution and stood beside Storm's current team. A supporting role isn't one Magik's been familiar with lately.

Who's Coming?


Let's move to the exciting news and focus on the X-characters that will once again have a prominent place in the line, some after years spent in limbo waiting to return. "Generation X" will see the return of a number of characters that have been M.I.A. for a while. After guest starring roles in "Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!" and "Old Man Logan," the ex-firecracker/current vampire Jubilee will once again have a lead role in the school-based X-Book. The series' student body will also feature a number of familiar faces: empathic shapeshifter Benjamin Deeds is coming back after a yearlong absence, as are the aptly named Eye-Boy and Quentin Quire. Bling! and Nature Girl, will also return after even longer absences. And while they won't be part of the student body, series writer Christina Strain said that Husk, Chamber and Dani Moonstar will all have parts to play in the new series -- and that's big news for Husk and Chamber, as they haven't been seen in years.

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"X-Men Gold" will also bring back a few characters into the fold. After spending the last year as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Kitty Pryde is coming back to lead the Gold team. She's not the only returning face in the "Gold" series; after a supporting role in this summer's "Civil War II: X-Men," fan-favorite telepath Rachel Grey will once again join an X-team and get a new codename (Prestige). Kitty and Rachel's return as teammates is also a nice nod to their history in "Excalibur," especially since "X-Men Gold" reteams them with Nightcrawler.

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While "Weapon X" will be home to the returning Old Man Logan and Sabretooth, it will also feature a trio of characters that have been out of the X-spotlight for a while. Lady Deathstrike will move from being a villain in "Old Man Logan" to a full-fledged lead character in "Weapon X." Domino will return to an X-team book after regularly appearing in "Deadpool and the Mercs for Money." Most notable of all, though, is that the superhuman tracker and expert fighter Warpath -- the mutant that hasn't been heard from in over four years -- is once again ready for action.

And lastly there's the gun-toting, time-traveling tough guy Cable. He's had a significant role in "Uncanny Avengers" over the past year, but his new ongoing series from James Robinson and Carlos Pacheco will mark his full return to the X-Men line.

Who's Going?


With new characters coming back and only so many books to populate, that means some of the lead characters fans are reading right now will have to go away -- for at least a little while. While it's always possible that these characters will pop up again in some form or fashion, they are -- as of now -- missing from the initial news about each of the new ResurrXion series. While all of "Extraordinary X-Men's" lead roster is continuing on, most of the supporting characters don't have a home in ResurrXion. Forge, Cerebra, Anole, Glob Herman, No-Girl and Ernst haven't been seen in promotional materials for the new line. It's always possible that the latter four could pop up in "Generation X," though. since that series is the new school book.

The majority of "All-New X-Men's" cast is moving over to "X-Men Blue," but the members of the team that aren't part of the time-displaced original X-Men -- Genesis and Oya -- are missing in action so far. They're also school-aged characters, so it's always possible they'll pop up in "Gen X" too. Additionally, we don't yet know if "All-New X-Men's" resident lil' bamf demon Pickles will have a spot in ResurrXion -- although he should because, come on, he's Pickles. He's a favorite of writer Dennis Hopeless, so he could teleport into Hopeless' "Jean Grey" run at any time.

"Uncanny X-Men," a series starring some of the X-Men's toughest heroes, has seemingly been hit hard by the ResurrXion revamp. M, Psylocke, Archangel, Mystique and Fantomex are all nowhere to be seen in the initially announced lineup. That's especially surprising for Psylocke, a character that has maintained a consistently prominent role in the line for the last 10 years. And while the adult Archangel has had his ups and downs over the past few years when it comes to his own sense of self, he's been a mainstay on X-Teams for even longer than that.

Then there's Wolverine, the hero formerly known as X-23. Laura Kinney was promoted to the role of Wolverine with the most recent linewide relaunch. She got her own series ("All-New Wolverine") and appeared in a team book ("All-New X-Men"). Like Oya and Genesis, Wolverine's missing from "X-Men Blue" and the rest of the line. It would be a shame for the character to disappear completely from the X-Men line, especially since she just stepped into the Wolverine role. It's always possible that "All-New Wolverine" will continue on or be relaunched with a new #1. If not, "Weapon X" seems like a natural fit for her. Either way, the X-Men need a Wolverine, and Laura Kinney is Wolverine.

Who's Still Missing?


We'll start this section off by directing you to this list right here of long-missing X-Men characters. Four of those characters -- Warpath, Dani Moonstar, Husk and Chamber -- are actually making a comeback. That's some progress, at least! Another mutant on that list, Multiple Man, came back only to die in "Death of X," so there's another character marked off that list. Still, 16 of those big name characters remain M.I.A. -- and no, Strong Guy and Wolfsbane's non-speaking cameos in "Death of X" were not enough to remove them from that list. With Warpath's return in "Weapon X," that means that the javelin-throwing teleporter Blink is the new champion of the "Missing" list. She hasn't been seen in just over four years and doesn't look to have a role in ResurrXion. While Dust, Blindfold and Surge are still missing, there's always a chance that will appear in "Generation X" somewhere since it's the new school book and they're teen characters.

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Moving past that initial list of missing X-Men, there are even more big name mutant heroes that haven't been part of the line for the last year -- and look like they won't be in the future, either. While the adult Beast and Emma Frost will definitely have major parts to play in the currently unfolding "Inhumans vs. X-Men" event series, neither are among the characters included in the 2017 line so far. It's possible Beast will remain in the Inhuman books, as he has for the past year, but it would be surprising for Emma Forst to return to such prominence in "Death of X" and "IvX" only to completely disappear for ResurrXion.

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Then there are heavy hitters like Gambit, Rogue, Dazzler and Polaris -- all characters that haven't played a part in the main X-Men line for the past year (or more). Dazzler and Rogue have both been leads in Avengers team books, but now Dazzler's without a home following the end of "A-Force." Rogue is still team leader in "Uncanny Avengers," and it's likely that will continue into 2017. Still, she hasn't been a member of an X-Men team since 2013's "X-Men" series. The card-throwing cajun Gambit played a supporting part in "Civil War II: X-Men" and also popped up in "Uncanny Avengers," but he hasn't been a member of an X-team since the end of "All-New X-Factor" almost two years ago. And Polaris is still missing following the end of "Magneto" before "Secret Wars," which is odd considering that she's now Magneto's only child and Magneto's been the lead of a lot of X-books over the last few years.

Northstar, Pixie and Firestar haven't been seen since the end of "Amazing X-Men" in spring 2015, and they're still out of the picture. While Havok popped up for Cyclops' funeral flashback scene in "Death of X," his current whereabouts remain unknown. It's been over two years since he was a part of any team. The same can be said for Hope Summers, who was put in charge of X-Force in spring 2015 and...then disappeared when that book ended.

ResurrXion Rosters

Okay -- that was a lot of information about rosters, so we've also provided readers with a list to help visualize which mutants will appear in which of the four team books. Remember, adult Iceman, teen Jean and Cable will have the solo books in the ResurrXion line.

"X-Men: Gold" #1 cover

"X-Men Gold" by Marc Guggenheim and Ardian Syaf

  • Kitty Pryde (coming from "Guardians of the Galaxy")
  • Old Man Logan (coming from "Extraordinary X-Men" and "Old Man Logan")
  • Storm (coming from "Extraordinary X-Men")
  • Colossus (coming from "Extraordinary X-Men")
  • Nightcrawler (coming from "Extraordinary X-Men")
  • Prestige/Rachel Grey (returning)


"X-Men Blue" by Cullen Bunn and Jorge Molina

  • Magneto (coming from "Uncanny X-Men")
  • Jean Grey (teen; coming from "Extraordinary X-Men")
  • Iceman (teen; coming from "All-New X-Men)
  • Cyclops (teen; coming from "All-New X-Men)
  • Angel (teen; coming from "All-New X-Men)
  • Beast (teen; coming from "All-New X-Men)


"Weapon X" by Greg Pak and Greg Land

  • Old Man Logan (coming from "Extraordinary X-Men" and "Old Man Logan")
  • Sabretooth (coming from "Uncanny X-Men")
  • Domino (returning)
  • Warpath (returning)
  • Lady Deathstrike (returning)

"Generation X" teaser art by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson

"Generation X" by Christina Strain and Amilcar Pinna

  • Jubilee (returning)
  • Quentin Quire (returning)
  • Bling! (returning)
  • Eye-Boy (returning)
  • Benjamin Deeds (returning)
  • Nature Girl (returning)
  • Hindsight (new)
  • Dani Moonstar (returning)
  • Magik (coming from "Extraordinary X-Men")
  • Chamber (returning)
  • Husk (returning)

And that's it, that's where everyone is at and where everyone is going. There's still plenty of time for more characters to be added to each of these books, so keep an eye out for further information about the new X-Men line.

ResurrXion begins with the release of "X-Men Gold" #1, "X-Men Blue" #1, "Generation X" #1, "Weapon X" #1, "Jean Grey" #1, "Iceman" #1 and "Cable" #1 in spring 2017.

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