ResurrXion Rundown: Everything We Know About Marvel's X-Men Relaunch

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ResurrXion is almost here.

After first being teased way, way back in September 2016, Marvel Comics' X-Men line is about to undergo the biggest revamp it's had in several years -- possibly even decades. After surviving schisms, the return of the Phoenix, the dreaded M-Pox and wars with the Avengers and Inhumans, the X-Men seem to have finally caught a break with ResurrXion. For the first time in a long while, mutants won't be on the verge of extinction, and the X-Men will be straight-up heroes -- again.

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The X-Men will also return to their brightly-colored roots with classic-style costumes and the return of iconic corner-box art to the cover of each issue. Marvel's made it clear that this line owes a lot to the X-Mania of the '90s, a point highlighted by a recent trailer using the '90s cartoon theme song.

But what about the books themselves? Who's making them, and who is starring in them? Before ResurrXion kicks off this week with the "X-Men Prime" one-shot, here's a run through of what to expect from the new line.


ResurrXion kicks off in earnest on April 5 with the release of the first new X-Men team book. Written by Marc Guggenheim (the CW's "Arrow") with art by Ardian Syaf ("Batgirl") and rotating artist R.B. Silva ("Uncanny Inhumans"), "X-Men Gold" will feature a more traditional lineup of classic X-Men. Led by Kitty Pryde, who returns to the X-Men after a stint with the Guardians of the Galaxy, the team will include Nightcrawler, Colossus, Storm, Rachel Grey and Old Man Logan. While the rest of the team will sport classic looks, "X-Men Gold" will give Rachel Grey a new code name (Prestige) and a new uniform. "X-Men Gold" will ship twice a month, meaning you'll get double the X-Men action than before.

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Most of these characters actually continue over from Jeff Lemire's recently concluded "Extraordinary X-Men," although it's unclear if the two books will be further connected. Issue #2 will see the debut of a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, one that will contain a few familiar faces. Gambit will return in issue #4, just in time to fight off a new wave of Sentinels in issue #5.

Writer Guggenheim has promised that the series will be much lighter in tone than previous X-Books, which goes hand in hand with his decision to use a classic lineup of mutants. The team, which will be based out of the X-Mansion's new Central Park location, will also balance acting as superheroes and teachers. The students will play a role in the book, and will sometimes go on missions (like Rockslide and Armor giving the team an assist in issue #3). The team's Central Park base also means they'll run into Marvel heroes like S.H.I.E.L.D. on occasion.


Also dropping April 5 is "All-New Wolverine" #19. Laura Kinney's ongoing is one of two ResurrXion titles continuing into the relaunch without a renumbering. The series is keeping its writer, Tom Taylor, and will add artist Leonard Kirk ("Fantastic Four") to the creative team. The series picks up in the aftermath of the recently concluded "Enemy of the State II," an action-packed story that put the not-as-new Wolverine up against her archenemy Kimura. The story concluded with Laura cured of the effects of her trigger scent, a scent that previously sent her into uncontrolled berserker rages.

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With issue #19, Laura will take on a new, all-black Wolverine costume for a new storyline called "Immune." And Laura won't be the only one with a new suit. Her pre-teen clone Gabby will also suit up in her own black and gold costume for the adventure. This will also be the only ResurrXion series to feature Wolverine. She previously starred in "All-New X-Men" along with "All-New Wolverine," but her new status quo sees her flying solo. Whether or not she'll join any teams remains unknown; for now, she's a solo act (aside from working with Gabby).

In the "Immune" story, an alien child in an escape pod crashes on Earth and quickly succumbs to a mystery alien virus. Before dying, the child says one name: Laura Kinney. The alien contagion then spreads, leading S.H.I.E.L.D. to quarantine the town around the crash site. Only Laura will be able to solve the mystery of the virus and her connection to the alien child. The arc will also feature a number of science-oriented superheroes, possibly Peter Parker, Beast, Janet Van Dyne or Black Panther. Iron Man, or possibly Ironheart/Riri Williams, appears on the cover for "All-New Wolverine" #21.

"All-New Wolverine" will ship monthly.


"X-Men Gold" isn't the only X-Men team book arriving in April. Its companion book, "X-Men Blue," will arrive on April 12 and it will also ship twice a month. The series will be written by Cullen Bunn ("Uncanny X-Men") and feature art from Jorge Molina ("Star Wars"), with assists from Matteo Buffagni ("Amazing Spider-Man") and Julian Lopez ("Doctor Strange"). This series will star the time-displaced original five X-Men (Jean Grey, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel and Beast). The teen quintet will be led by Jean Grey, marking a first for that character, and the team will be mentored by Magneto.

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"X-Men Blue" will be the third ongoing series to star this set of characters since their re-introduction in November 2012. It will be the first series of theirs not titled "All-New X-Men." While Bunn will be new to writing the teens, he isn't new to Magneto. He wrote the character's most recent solo series and Magneto was the lead character in Bunn's "Uncanny X-Men" run. The friction between teen team and magnetic mentor will be a major part of the series, as Magneto and Jean Grey won't be entirely honest about the reasons behind their sudden team-up.

"Uncanny X-Men" also conclude with Psylocke believing Magneto to be dead. That belief will extend to the rest of the world, as only the teen X-Men and a handful of others will know that Magneto is alive. That's why he'll just be providing them with guidance and won't be joining them on field missions. This secrecy also means that this squad of X-Men will act independently of the team at the Central Park X-Mansion. "X-Men Blue" will feature a different headquarters.

Emma Frost -- who returned to her villainous ways at the end of "IvX" -- will also play a part in the book, although to what extent remains unclear. "X-Men Blue" will have a bit of romance in it, too, but Bunn's keeping quiet about who's involved in the love triangle. Recent developments in the last "All-New X-Men" series will carry over into this one, like Iceman's romance with Romeo and Beast's dabbling with magic.

The series will also feature other odd allies, like a group of Sentinels claiming to be mutants in issue #3 and the return of a mysterious clawed mutant in issue #4. On the villain front, the team will fight Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy in the first issue, a new group of Marauders and Mr. Sinister in issue #5, and the team will head to Madripoor in issue #6. Bunn has also hinted that Mojo may make an appearance in the series.


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Not all of the ResurrXion team books will be bright and superhero-y. The new "Weapon X" series will feature a team of morally ambiguous mutants -- including some outright villains -- banding together to stop the return of the Weapon X program. The series will be written by Greg Pak ("Totally Awesome Hulk") and feature art by Greg Land ("Uncanny X-Men"). The series will feature Old Man Logan and Sabretooth in the lead with Domino, Lady Deathstrike and Warpath joining up for the mission one by one. We'll learn more about where Warpath's been in issue #2 and Domino will join in issue #3.

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That mission involves stopping a new Weapon X program, one that wants to eradicate all mutant life. The new Weapon X will be using killer cyborgs to get the job done, and the person behind the new Weapon X is one of the series' major mysteries. Pak has said that the series will be equal parts blockbuster/thriller/detective story. The threat will also be big enough to warrant an X-villain like Lady Deathstrike joining the team. And there's still one more major member of the cast that has yet to be revealed.

The series will also be the first ResurrXion series to crossover with another title, Pak's "Totally Awesome Hulk." The team will cross paths with Amadeus Cho in "Totally Awesome Hulk" #19 after Weapon X targets the young jade giant. The crossover, titled "Weapons of Mutant Destruction," will kick off with a one-shot and then take place in the following issues of "Weapon X" and "Totally Awesome Hulk."

"Weapon X" #1 ships monthly and debuts on April 12.


"ResurrXion's" launches will continue into May with the debut of Jean Grey's first ever solo series on May 3. The new monthly ongoing will be written by Dennis Hopeless ("All-New X-Men") and feature art from Victor Ibanez ("Extraordinary X-Men"). Hopeless previously wrote a teenage Jean Grey in the "X-Men: Season One" graphic novel from 2012, although he's yet to write for the time-displaced teen Jean. The new series will see the return of the Phoenix Force, and teen Jean will have to step up her game if she's going to contend with the cosmic entity that wrought havoc with the life of her adult counterpart.

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In order to prepare, she'll seek advice from other telepaths, mutants and heroes that have played host to the Phoenix Force; issue #2 will see appearances from Prestige, Hope Summers and Quentin Quire. Issue #3 will see Jean travel into the depths of the ocean to visit Namor, one of the heroes possessed by the Phoenix during "Avengers vs. X-Men." Hopeless has also teased that some of his favorite characters, like Boom Boom and Domino, could appear in the series at some point as well.


The classic '90s title "Generation X" returns as part of ResurrXion in mid-May. The new series will be written by Christina Strain (Syfy's "The Magicians") and feature art from Amilcar Pinna ("All-New Ultimates"). Instead of focusing on the characters from the original "Gen X" series, this book will serve as the line's school-focused book and feature a lineup of misfit mutants with less showy powers or bad attitudes.

The book will be set in the X-Men's new Central Park school and star students that aren't cut out to be the next generation of X-Men or mutant ambassadors. "Generation X" will focus on Quentin Quire, Eye-Boy, Benjamin Deeds, Nature Girl, Bling! and a new character named Hindsight. Additionally, original Gen Xer Jubilee will head up the series as the team's mentor. While the series will focus on the current crop of teen mutants, Jubilee won't be the only member of the book's '90s iteration to appear; Husk and Chamber will appear in the series.

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Jubilee's adopted son Shogo will also appear in the title, adding more to Jubilee's already stressed workload. Jubilee won't be the team's only teacher, though. Strain also has an affinity for ex-"New Mutants" stars Dani Moonstar and Magik, so they might pop up too. Since this is the school book, a number of other teen mutants (Broo, Pixie, Glob Herman, Genesis, Graymalkin and Anole) will be seen roaming the halls.

The anti-mutant group the Purifiers will torment the team in issue #2, and a mysterious evil force in Central Park will start kidnapping mutants in issue #3. Strain has also said that issue #4 will have a Bling! storyline, and issue #5 will focus more on Eye-Boy.


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Closing out May's ResurrXion launches is the new "Cable" ongoing from James Robinson ("Squadron Supreme") and Carlos Pacheco ("Occupy Avengers"). The new series marks the first time Cable's had a solo series in almost seven years. The character is a cast member in the current "Uncanny Avengers," and he'll soon step into the spotlight in a series described by Robinson as "Doctor Who" meets "Time Cop."

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The series will follow Cable as he chases a new villain named Conquest throughout the entirety of the timesteam, stretching from prehistory to the present. Issue #1 will drop Cable in the Old West. Issue #2 will take him to feudal Japan where he will encounter surprisingly high-tech warriors. Robinson has also said that future destinations for Cable include World War I, the Stone Age and Victorian England. Aside from the obvious anachronisms that fuel the story, "Cable" will try to present these historical time periods as accurately as possible.

Conquest, Robinson has said, hails from the future and is a technocrat that's a master manipulator of the butterfly effect. He uses that knowledge and skill to make minor changes in the past that create his desired changes in his present. He's also after an artifact called the Time Sword, which was broken into five pieces during a war between the Inhumans and Eternals eons ago. If Conquest assembles all five pieces, he'll be able to wield godlike control over time.

Don't expect many cameos from other X-Men or Marvel characters, either, as Robinson has indicated he wants to keep the series squarely focused on Cable. The monthly "Cable" series debuts in late May.


ResurrXion kicks off June with the release of Iceman's first ever ongoing series. The ice-cold X-Man has had two previous limited series, but this is the first one set after the character came out as gay in 2015. The monthly series will be written by Sina Grace ("Burn the Orphanage") and feature art from Alessandro Vitti ("Suiciders: Kings of Hell.A.").

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The series will star the adult Iceman, a character that is currently not in any team books (his teenage time-displaced counterpart stars in "X-Men Blue"). "Iceman" will exist in reaction to that, as the adult Bobby Drake will be spurred to figure himself out after seeing how quickly his younger self has adjusted to being gay. The series will also expand on Iceman's powers and explore his potential there, as Iceman tries to become the well-rounded superhero he's destined to be.

Writer Sina Grace has said that the series will feature a number of Bobby Drake's exes (a list of characters that includes characters like Polaris, Opal Tanaka and Kitty Pryde). Kitty's inclusion in the series has been confirmed by issue #2's cover and solicit info. Iceman will team up with Kitty to rescue a newly discovered mutant -- and he'll also ask her for dating advice, too.


"ResurrXion's" other June debut is actually a continuation; like "All-New Wolverine," "Old Man Logan" will retain its numbering as it enters the X-Men's new era. "Old Man Logan" #25 will see a totally new creative team take control of the series. Writer Ed Brisson ("Bullseye") and artist Mike Deodato ("Thanos") will guide the alternate reality version of the hero formerly known as Wolverine on a grisly new adventure.

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Details about "Old Man Logan's" direction remain somewhat scarce. What is known is that Old Man Logan will come face to face with another refugee from a dystopian alternate future, the Maestro. Considering that Old Man Logan's main nemeses in the original "Old Man Logan" storyline were the Hulk Gang of the American Wastelands, this version of Logan won't take too kindly to a malicious future Hulk wandering around the present day Marvel Universe.


In a surprising move, it was just announced that "ResurrXion's" launches will actually extend into July, with the release of a new "Astonishing X-Men" series in the first week of that month. After co-writing two massive mutant events ("Death of X" and "IvX"), Charles Soule will step in as the sole writer of the ongoing, monthly X-comic. The series will feature a rotating team of artists, with Jim Cheung ("Clone Conspiracy") tackling issue #1. Future issues will be illustrated by Ron Garney ("Daredevil"), ACO ("Midnighter"), Phil Noto ("Poe Dameron"), Greg Land ("Uncanny X-Men") and Ramon Rosanas ("Mighty Captain Marvel").

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The series will star an eclectic group of mutants, one that Soule has said is a "cast more than a team." The series will feature a cast of Old Man Logan, Archangel, Mystique, Rogue, Gambit, Bishop, Psylocke and Fantomex. Early info about the series teases the return of a familiar foe in a threat so big that it will touch on many aspects of X-Men history. Soule has said that the series will look at all different parts of X-Men lore

ResurrXion kicks off this Wednesday with the release of "X-Men Prime" #1.

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