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ResurrXion Arrives, Massive Monsters Depart in Marvel March Releases

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ResurrXion Arrives, Massive Monsters Depart in Marvel March Releases

Check out Marvel Comics’ complete solicitations for March 2017 here.

In March, Marvel Comics celebrates America — America Chavez, that is, when the former Young Avenger/current Ultimate launches her own solo series. YA author Gabby Rivera makes her comics writing debut, with artist Joe Quinones (“Howard the Duck”) handling illustration duties for the ongoing monthly series.

“What’s in it for me? Why am I fighting with these people? What I want is to go to college and I want to start over, and I want to learn about myself and do this for myself” Rivera said of her series’ antagonist’s mindset gig in an interview earlier this year. “[T]hat is the big thing that I was thinking about. What’s more American than trying to go to college and trying to find yourself?”

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Marvel’s latest crossover event comes to a close as “Monsters Unleashed” #4 and 5 arrive in March. Artist Salvador Larroca joins series writer Cullen Bunn on the former, while Adam Kubert handles art for the event’s finale. Speaking of the big finish, the solicitation text teases the arrival of the heroes’ “true enemy,” so it’s possible there’s more monstrous mayhem in the Marvel Universe’s future beyond March. In fact, “U.S.Avengers” #4 promises more monsters right away, including the introduction of Dedd-Puul, the Mercenary that Walks Like a Man.

  • Meanwhile, the fighting will stop (maybe…?) when “Inhumans VS X-Men” #6 hits stands. Charles Soule, Jeff Lemire and Leinil Francis Yu close out their mutants/Inhumans epic with the sixth and final issue of the “VS” series, an oversized issue that hypes “It all ends here,” with a face-to-face showdown between Emma Frost and Medusa.

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  • Then, Soule bids farewell to Marvel’s Inhumans with “Uncanny Inhumans” #20, his last on the series. The issue also sees Maximus develop the “solution” for the the mutant/Inhuman war… maybe.
  • The fallout from “Inhumans VS X-Men” will be explored in the RessurXion line of books, starting with “X-Men Prime” and “Inhumans Prime” before spilling out into a new line of mutant and Inhuman helmed series.
  • Children’s horror master R.L. Stine arrives in comics, helming an all-new “Man-Thing” miniseries which will include non-Man-Thing back-up stories written by Stein and illustrated by a changing roster of artists. Unlike his library of Goosebumps books, however, Stine’s first comic book work is graced with a Parental Advisory warning.

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  • The Clone Conspiracy may be over, but readers will have to wait until March’s Omega issue to learn the fate of Ben Reilly, the mastermind behind Spider-Man’s latest event. Plus, the first look at a new Spider-Man series from Peter David and Mark Bagley!


    “Clone Conspiracy: Omega” cover art by James Harren

  • “Iron Fist” #1 kicks off a new era for the warrior for K’un Lun, with Ed Brisson and Mike Perkins helming Danny Rand’s new solo adventures. The new series will pick up where the character’s previous solo series, Kaare Andrews’ “Iron Fist: The Living Weapon,” left off, with Danny stumbling upon a civilization of people who somehow seem to be well-versed in the Iron Fist lineage.

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  • “Captain America: Sam Wilson” is teasing “The End of the Line” for Sam, but what that means is unclear. Meanwhile, writer Nick Spencer’s continuing tale of Steve Rogers: Agent of Hydra finally reveals how the traitorous hero managed to fight on the side of the Allies during World War II.
  • “Spider-Man: Homecoming” gets a comic book prequel, offering a new look at Peter Parker’s role in the “Civil War” between Iron Man and Captain America.

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  • Wade and Shiklah’s simmering animosity comes to a boil in “Deadpool” #28, before spilling over into “Spider-Man/Deadpool” #15 then “Deadpool and the Mercs for Money” #9. The storyline then continues across all three series’ April releases as well.

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  • “Silver Surfer” #11 promises an event that “profoundly changes this entire series.” A big claim, and one Marvel doubles down on by promising it’s “not an idle boast or bombastic hyperbole.”
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