Responding to Starfire outcry, DC says to pay attention to ratings

A week after the first issues of Catwoman and Red Hood and the Outlaws stirred controversy with their depictions of Selina Kyle and Starfire, DC Comics has released its first official statement on the matter. Well, at least on part of it.

"We've heard what's being said about Starfire today and we appreciate the dialogue on this topic," a representative wrote last night on the publisher's Twitter feed. "We encourage people to pay attention to the ratings when picking out any books to read themselves or for their children."

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1, which depicted a string bikini-clad Starfire as a semi-amnesiac who has sex with Red Arrow simply because he's there -- "Do you want to have sex with me?" -- is rated "T" for teen, meaning it's deemed appropriate for readers age 12 and older. "T"-rated titles "may contain mild violence, language and/or suggestive themes."

DC's statement arrived hours after a widely circulated article appeared on i09.com in which fantasy author Michele Lee asked her 7-year-old daughter, a fan of Starfire from the Teen Titans animated series and comic books, what she thought of the version appearing in Red Hood and the Outlaws.

"I mean, grown ups can wear what they want," the girl said, "but … she's not doing anything but wearing a tiny bikini to get attention. [...] I want her to be a hero, fighting things and be strong and helping people. [...] Because she's what inspires me to be good."

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