Resident Evil 2 Announces New Content in Free Ghost Survivors DLC

While Capcom has only just finished work on its Resident Evil 2 remake, the studio behind the long-running franchise is already announcing the game's first downloadable content.

Breathing fresh life into the 1998 original, Capcom has retold the story of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield with a 21st century twist. Even though 2019's game keeps its horror roots of part strategy, part shooter, Capcom has pushed the series further with a host of alterations. Now, the developers are delivering more brand new content.

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The official Resident Evil 2 Twitter announced that the free DLC will be called The Ghost Survivors and be available on Feb. 15. "No Time to Mourn" will focus on a gun shop owner, "Runaway" on the mayor's daughter and "Forgotten Soldier" on a hardened fighter. The tweet also gives players a first look at each of the three characters.

The Ghost Survivors serves as a series of what-if campaigns following the tragic souls who didn't make it out of Raccoon City alive. Robert Kendo (the gun shop owner) and Katherine Warren (the mayor's daughter) appeared in both the 1998 and 2019 versions of Resident Evil 2, so it will be interesting to see the T-virus outbreak from their point of view.

Resident Evil 2 has already showcased how developers moved with the times to deliver more than just updated graphics.The game features an overhauled character design for everyone from Leon and Claire to Ada Wong. As well as this, characters like Marvin Branagh had an expanded story and the notorious Zapping system was removed.

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Gamers can already play as the fan-favorites Hunk and Tofu, but The Ghost Survivors characters are three new playable additions to the franchise. Considering Resident Evil 2 already lured back existing players with the promise of a different trip to Racoon City, the idea of new gameplay and storylines are sure to temp a few more to pick up their controllers. Although there's no news on what else is included in the Feb. 15 update, the DLCs are a pretty big announcement.

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