"Represent 'Comics Should Be Good' At SDCC" Contest!

At this year's San Diego Comic Con, there will not be a member of the Comics Should Be Good crew in attendance. Therefore, we figure it'd be cool if someone ELSE could represent us at the convention and write up a series of reports detailing his/her experiences at SDCC. Sound cool? In addition, we can provide you with a free pass to the convention, which is a pretty sweet deal, I think, if you were planning on going to SDCC.

To be fair, we figure it'd be coolest to decide who shall be our representative (and receive the free pass) via a fun contest. Read on for details!

About a year ago, on Snark Free Waters, I had a contest asking people to come up with the best band featuring Black Adam that would be able to beat Alex's aptly-named "THE MOST INCREDIBLE BAND IN THE UNIVERSE" (consisting of Bender on lead guitar, Captain Marvel as the front man, Popeye on Keyboards and Sgt. Rock on bass) in a Battle of the Bands.

The winner was F. Chong Rutherford, with the following inspired idea...

The lights dim at Orange County Arena, as thousands of screaming fans pant and calm themselves after the incredible performance of a most awesome opening act. *The opening act is Black Vulcan, Black Lightning and Black Panther doing Ramones covers with a funk beat. The name of the opening act is "The Black Musketeers."

The Black Musketeers leave the stage ... Suddenly, an announcer's voice rises, "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome tonight's featured performers ...

-Blacula on electric accordian. -BlackBison on bass. He's still dead. He's actually zombie BlackBison on bass. He's not very energetic. He eats anyone who throws underwear at him. -Black Canary on lead vocals. She's got one of those Starro things on her face. STARRO IS ACTUALLY DOING THE SINGING BY CONTROLLING HER MIND THOUGHTS! -Black Goliath on drums. He says inappropriately obvious things like, "Shouldn't the white lady singing be called WHITE PIERCING SCREAMER LADY?" during the show as a way to play off his obvious name. He makes a really cool face when he hits his drum sticks together to go 1, 2, 3 and start off their songs. -Black Adam on lead guitar, playing a mean, mean Stratocaster V. He opens the show by shoting SHAZAM and getting out of the way really fast while the magic lightning bolt sets off a GIGANTICNORMOUS fireworks show that ends with a "rock sign" in the sky.

The name of their band is "BlackBelt Jones."

BlackBelt Jones is co-managed by Blackhawk, Black Condor and Black Panther.

The contest is to therefore come up with the RESPONSE to this band.

Can you come up with a NEW band fronted by Captain Marvel that could defeat "BlackBelt Jones" in a Battle of the Bands?

The person who comes up with the coolest band is our pick! The winner will be decided by a secret panel of five!

Enter quickly! The conventions begins in two weeks! Winner announced Wednesday!!

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