REPORT: Why Hulu Canceled Ghost Rider

Earlier today, news broke that Hulu has decided not to move forward with its planned Ghost Rider series. The initial report cites creative differences between Hulu and the team behind the supernatural Marvel show. However, a new report suggests Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige may have had a hand in Ghost Rider's cancellation.

According to Daniel Richtman, aka DanielRPK -- who has previously been correct regarding behind-the-scenes happenings at various studios -- Hulu's Ghost Rider was canceled because Feige has his own plans for the character in the mainline Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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"So two days ago my most reliable Marvel source told me Feige wants Ghost Rider in the MCU, and now this happens," Richtman said of the cancellation. Notably, while Marvel's television shows are technically considered part of the MCU, the relationship between Marvel Studios and Marvel Television has proven shaky over the years.

In a follow-up tweet, the Richtman claimed Ghost Rider wasn't the only supernatural property Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb had plans for, only to have them subsequently taken over by Marvel Studios. According to the prominent insider, Marvel TV also had its own plans for Blade, Moon Knight, Werewolf by Night and Midnight Sons - likely as part of Hulu's "Adventure into Fear" lineup.

If this report is true, it could serve to explain why rumors of Hulu having plans for Blade surfaced a few months back, only for them to be shot down at Comic-Con International in San Diego when Feige announced Marvel Studios' new Blade film starring Luke Cage alum Mahershala Ali.

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Richtman appears confident that Feige has plans to introduce Ghost Rider to the MCU proper in the future. If this is accurate, however, it remains to be seen if it will be in on the big screen or on Disney+. Furthermore, this development still leaves Gabriel Luna's future as the character up in the air.

Luna made his Marvel debut as the Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider during the fourth season of ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. He was set to reprise his role in the Hulu solo series prior to its cancellation. It is unclear if Marvel Studios' purported plans for the brand include Robbie, or perhaps a different incarnation of the character, such as Johnny Blaze or Danny Ketch.

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Marvel's Ghost Rider was supposed to launch on Hulu sometime in 2020.

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