REPORT: Song of the South Won't Be Available on Disney+

Song of the South racist

Disney+ will include almost every film produced by the storied studio, but a new report indicates controversial film Song of the South won't appear on the streaming service.

Boardwalk Times reports that Song of the South will not be available on Disney+ when the service launches later this year. The 1946 film focuses heavily on Uncle Remus, a former plantation worker who reminisces fondly about his time following the American Civil War. The film is controversial for its portrayal of a former slave who looks fondly back on his time serving his former owners and has not been re-released by Disney in decades. The film's star -- James Baskett -- was famously unable to attend the premiere because of Atlanta's racial segregation laws.

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There was some speculation the film would be on Disney+, though buried or featuring some sort of historical explanation of the controversy surrounding it. However, this report suggest it will be excluded altogether.

The report also indicates that changes will be made to Dumbo due to the movie's racially insensitive scenes. The animated film featured a sequence where crows, who are portrayed as caricatures of African-American stereotypes, help teach the titular elephant to fly. The sequence was fully dropped from the recent live-action adaptation of the film and will be edited out of the original Dumbo on Disney+.

At this time, there's no official confirmation from Disney on these changes the exclusion of Song of the South. Boardwalk Times notes in its article that Disney declined to comment on its report.

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Disney+ will become available Nov. 12.

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