REPORT: Marvel's "Star Wars" #1 to Sell Over One Million Copies

ComicBook.com has posted an unconfirmed report that Marvel Comics' upcoming "Star Wars" #1 by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday is set to sell more than one million copies in retailer orders, which, if accurate, would make it the top-selling comic book of the past 20 years. "Star Wars" series editor Jordan D. White shared the report on Twitter, stating, "Holy cow, you guys -- Star Wars. This is amazing."

CBR reached out to Marvel, who declined to comment.

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While the report likely won't be able to be completely confirmed until the FOC (Final Order Cutoff) date of Dec. 8, more than one million copies of "Star Wars" #1 sold is certainly possible. April's "Amazing Spider-Man" #1 hit 500,000 copies with about 50 different variant covers. By the same token, the number of variants for "Star Wars" #1 -- there are 13 solicited, not counting store-specific variants -- will likely have a major impact on the number of copies certain retailers order.

It's also possible that Marvel may have alternative distribution channels in place for a launch as large as "Star Wars." One potential example is Loot Crate, which ordered roughly 100,000 copies of "Rocket Raccoon" #1 for its subscription service -- and the service's subscribers have likely grown in the interim. "The Walking Dead" #132, which had a Loot Crate variant in October, saw its numbers rise to over 325,000 that month, gaining an extra 257,000 in sales over #133, released that same month.

Other possible distribution channels may include Marvel's parent company, Disney, which is holding its Star Wars/Run Disney Half Marathon on Jan. 18, four days after the issue's release (various associated events start Jan. 15, the day following the book's release date). Distribution through Disney Parks is also a possibility, given the "Star Wars"-themed attractions and gift shops that are already in place in many Disney locations.

By comparison, the record-breaking "The Walking Dead" #100 sold 383,612 copies in 2012, which made it the best-selling single issue since 1997 until "Amazing Spider-Man" #1 in 2014. According to Comichron, the last single issue of a mainstream North American comic to sell more than one million copies was 1993's "Batman" #500, the finale of the popular "Knightfall" story arc.

"Star Wars" #1 hits stores Jan. 14, 2015.

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