Report: Live-Action 'Legend of Zelda' Series in the Works at Netflix

Netflix's increasingly bold programming moves could be taking the video streaming service to Hyrule.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the company is in the "very early stages of development" on a live-action series based on the blockbuster video-game franchise The Legend of Zelda.

The newspaper's unnamed source contends Netflix is characterizing the fantasy-adventure as "Game of Thrones for a family audience." No writer is attached, and The Journal cautions the project could die just as quickly as it started.

Netflix is reportedly working with Nintendo, which has resisted licensing its properties since the 1993 live-action flop Super Mario Bros. However, as we learned in December, the Japanese game developer appears to be opening up to overtures from Hollywood, and has had discussions with producer Avi Arad about an animated Super Mario Bros. movie.

Debuting in 1986, The Legend of Zelda centers on Link, an ordinary in the fantasy world of Hyrule who must rescue Princess Zelda from the antagonist Ganondorf.

A 13-episode Legend of Zelda animated series aired in syndication in 1989.

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