REPORT: Jeremy Renner Eyed for Lead Role in Spawn Reboot


Jeremy Renner may be making the jump from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the dark world of Spawn.

The veteran Marvel actor has reportedly been approached to play fan-favorite detective Twitch Williams in Todd McFarlane's upcoming Spawn reboot. While Renner's involvement isn't currently confirmed, he is in consideration for the part with McFarlane and producer Jason Blum interested in casting an actor between the age of 40-50.

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When star Jamie Foxx was officially offered the title role of Spawn in May, reports included that Twitch would play a major role in the cinematic reboot. The quick-witted NYPD detective is rumored to team up with Foxx's Spawn as the duo investigate the murder of Al Simmons' daughter.

With the titular antihero not expected speak at all in the film, that leaves the majority of the R-rated reboot's dialogue to fall on Twitch. First created by McFarlane in 1992's Spawn #1, Twitch makes up half of the popular detective team of Sam and Twitch. The two detectives initially hunt Spawn due to the superhero's extreme, lethal methods but later form a begrudging respect and alliance with Simmons when faced with the demonic forces from Hell.

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There is no news if Sam Burke will have a role to play in McFarlane's reboot but wherever Twitch is, Sam shouldn't be that far behind.

The Spawn reboot currently has no official release date but is expected to kick off production soon with a rumored budget of $10-12 million.

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