REPORT: 'Hunger Games' Director Teams For Two TV Projects, Including Gaiman's 'Neverwhere'

For being one of the best-selling authors in comics and prose over the past 30 years, Neil Gaiman has had a surprisingly small number of stories adapted to TV and film. But that may be about to change.

The Tracking Board has a report up claiming that Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence has teamed with powerhouse TV producer Mark Gordon to option two novels for the small screen. Included in the partnership is writer Charles Belfoure’s recent mystery novel House of Thieves and Gaiman's 1996 multimedia story Neverwhere.

Originally created as a BBC television serial by Gaiman and Lenny Henry, the Neverwhere story of a magical realm beneath the London Underground was soon turned into one of Gaiman's earliest hit novels as well as an eventual DC Comics/Vertigo series.

Between that book and the 1880s-set House of Thieves, the producing partners are looking at some big budget properties, and the website reports that they'll finance the development work themselves in hopes of landing a network later.

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