REPORT: "Green Arrow: Rebirth" #1 Sells Over 90,000 Copies

It sounds like DC Comics hit the jackpot with its "Green Arrow: Rebirth" one-shot, as the issue has reportedly sold over 90,000 copies since its release last week. If the numbers are accurate, the acclaimed #1 from writer Benjamin Percy and artist Otto Schmidt is the highest-selling issue with Green Arrow as the headliner in recent comics history. The issue is receiving a second-printing that hits stores on June 29.

Percy touted the numbers in a recent post to Twitter:

@Masked_Demon As I understand it, we're upward of 90,000 copies right now. Thank you, readers.

- Benjamin Percy (@Benjamin_Percy) June 1, 2016

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In comparison, prior to the "Rebirth" relaunch, some of the final issues of the "Green Arrow" series -- #49, #50 and #51 -- sold 22,096, 22,977 and 21,168 copies, respectively. The last "Green Arrow" #1, from the New 52 revamp in September 2011, sold (not including reprint numbers) 55,512 copies.

The latest "Green Arrow" even surpassed the sales of Kevin Smith's highly-successful #1 from February 2001, which saw 85,046 copies sold.

Percy and Schmidt's "Green Arrow" run continues in the first issue of the new ongoing series, hitting stores on June 15.

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