Director Tim Miller Drops Out of Deadpool 2

Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds

"Deadpool" director Tim Miller has reportedly exited the sequel to Fox's superhero blockbuster over creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds.

The news comes from Deadline, which notes that although Miller hadn't officially signed on to the 2018 film, he had been expected to return, and was developing the script. According to the report, the split was amicable, and leaves the director on good terms with the studio.

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"Deadpool" was a labor of love for Miller, Reynolds and screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and was viewed as a true collaboration among those key players, who championed the project even as Fox seemed to lose interest. Development kicked in to high gear in 2014 after CGI test footage created by Miller's Blur Studio was leaked online, drawing an enthusiastic response from fans.

Although "Deadpool's" tone and R-rated violence was considered a gamble, it paid off, with the film earning widespread acclaim and a $782.6 million worldwide box office.

It's of course not yet known how Miller's departure will affect "Deadpool 2" or its production schedule. Executive Producer Simon Kinberg had revealed in June that work on the screenplay was "going extremely well," and that shooting was targeted to begin in early 2017.

Miller is expected now to turn his attention to Fox's "Influx," an adaptation of the 2014 techno-thriller by author David Suarez.

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