Report Card | From 'Astro City' to 'March' to 'Wolfsmund'

Welcome to “Report Card,” our week-in-review feature. If “Cheat Sheet” is your guide to the week ahead, “Report Card” is typically a look back at the top news stories of the previous week, as well as a look at the Robot 6 team’s favorite comics that we read.

So find out what we thought about It Came!, Astro City, Wolfsmund and more.


On a wave of media attention that hit its stride during Comic-Con International a few weeks back, March: Book One hit stores this week. The graphic novel begins to tell the story of United States Congressman John Lewis, the last living member of the Big Six, the prominent civil rights leaders instrumental in coordinating the March on Washington and other events that led to the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act of the 1960s.

Written by Lewis and Andrew Aydin with art by Nate Powell, March and its creative team have made the media rounds over the last couple months, bringing attention to the graphic novel and its publisher, Top Shelf -- not the least of which was Lewis' appearance on The Colbert Report this week. The book has launched to favorable reviews; Comic Book Resources gave it 4.5 stars, while our own Chris Mautner said "the craft on display in March is as noteworthy as the subject matter."

The Archie gang has canceled a fictional trip to Russia due to the country's anti-homosexual laws. The trip was supposed to be part of a globe-hopping battle of the bands storyline that will feature several Archie music acts.

“Russia should be boycotted, so much so that actually in an upcoming special four-issue story arc I’m writing the Archie gang are going to take a world tour to four countries. Russia was to be one of them. But they’re not going there now. They just can’t and they won’t. They love and support Kevin,” Creator Dan Parent told Back2Stonewall.

Keller, a character that has made headlines since he debuted as the first openly gay character in Riverdale, made news again last week when he had his first on-panel kiss.

Ahmad Akkari, one of the leaders of the protests against the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in 2006, now says he regrets his activities and has apologized in person to one of the cartoonists, Kurt Westergaard. Akkari traveled to Lebanon, Egypt and Syria to elicit support against the Danish government and the cartoonists.

"I want to be clear today about the trip: It was totally wrong," Akkari told the Guardian. "At that time, I was so fascinated with this logical force in the Islamic mindset that I could not see the greater picture. I was convinced it was a fight for my faith, Islam."

Mike Grell, whose career spans five decades and is known for his work on Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes, Green Arrow, Tarzan, Jon Sable, Warlord, Starslayer and Iron Man, among others, is in the hospital undergoing treatment for cellulitis, where he has been since the beginning of August.

"The weird thing is that I don’t feel sick at all, just tired of being flat on my back," Grell said on his website. "My doctors are optimistic and so am I. For the first time, we see daily improvement and I should be on my way home in a few days." Best wishes to Grell on a full recovery.

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