Report Card | 'Buzzkill,' Daredevil' and more

Welcome to “Report Card,” our week-in-review feature. If “Cheat Sheet” is your guide to the week ahead, “Report Card” is typically a look back at the top news stories of the previous week, as well as a look at the Robot 6 team’s favorite comics that we read.

So read on to find out what we thought about Daredevil, Buzzkill and more.

Mike Dimayuga, the 39-year-old artist of the webcomic Colt Noble and the Megalords and the Arcana graphic novel Hero House, passed away Monday.

"I met up with Mike at San Diego Comicon for the release of COLT NOBLE at the Image Comics booth, and was really surprised to find he was suffering from MS. It had clearly not slowed him down at all artistically, and hadn't put any kind of damper on his attitude. Via the Con Mike became friendly with all my collaborators, Steve Seeley, Mike Moreci, Mike Norton...everyone liked the dude immediately," Tim Seeley said on Facebook. "Mike and I kept in touch, an I had him draw pages for me when he was in the mood or had time...a short H/S story, a Double Feature tale with writer James Asmus...he always made beautiful stuff. And every Christmas he sent me a card with a peanut butter and banana candy bar in the envelope. One year he sent me an 'In N' Out Burger" tee-shirt, because I'd mentioned how much I dig those burgers...Mike was just a cool guy that way. He was always thinking of cool things to make people smile whether it was with a partially melted gourmet candy or with his funny drawings of Dr. Who, Marvel superheroes, or Cassie Hack fighting Freddy...."

Our most sincere condolences go out to Mike's family and friends.

George Perez, artist on The New Teen Titans, JLA/Avengers and many more wonderful comics, said on Facebook that his vision has deteriorated to the point where he is near-blind in his left eye and will require major surgery to correct.

"I need to report that my eye troubles have taken a bit of a downturn as my left eye has experienced some hemorrhaging, pretty much blinding me in that eye," Perez said via Facebook. "This has necessitated my wearing an eyepatch in order to see a bit more clearly through my right eye. My eye doctor is continuing a combination of laser and injection surgery, but there is a possibility that I may require scalpel surgery in the near future."

Perez added that he is still drawing and is "trying to maintain a positive, upbeat attitude." Best wishes to Perez for a speedy recovery.

The Small Press Expo, or SPX, wrapped up last Sunday, putting the focus on alternative creators and comics. According to our own Chris Mautner, it was a really good -- and really big -- show.

"Like seriously, literally big," he wrote. "Like, perhaps the biggest comic convention that didn’t have a Marvel or DC booth I’ve ever been to (and no, I’ve yet to go to San Diego). After all the problems they had with online registration this year, the show organizers decided to increase the floor show space by a third, so there were about 280 tables at the show this year. I think my jaw actually did drop when I first walked in the door. I’m not sure I realized there were that many small press cartoonists out there."

Many of those small press cartoonists were honored in the annual Ignatz Awards, which were announced during the show. Michael DeForge took home three awards, while other winners included John Martz, Ethan Rilly and Jillian Tamaki.

Wizard World announced the addition of seven cities to its 2014 convention schedule, bringing the total to 15.

The new cities are: Atlanta; Louisville, Kentucky; Minneapolis; Richmond, Virginia; Sacramento, California; San Antonio, Texas; and Tulsa, Oklahoma. They’ll join returning shows in Portland, Oregon, New Orleans, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Chicago, Nashville, Austin, Texas, and Columbus, Ohio.

“Our mantra has been, ‘Give the fans a great experience, give the celebrities and creators a great experience, take care of our exhibitors, and everyone will want to come back,’” Wizard World Chairman and CEO John Macaluso said in a statement. “We’ve had such an overwhelmingly positive reaction to all our 2013 events, both first-year and existing shows, that it was obvious what the fans were telling us – ‘We want more!’”

Speaking of awards, several other awards and nominations were announced this week in addition to the Ignatz Awards. Gilbert Hernandez is the recipient of the 2013 PEN Center USA award for outstanding body of work in graphic literature. Gene Yang's newest release, Boxers and Saints, is among the finalists for the 2013 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature. And finally, the nominees were announced for the fourth annual Shel Dorf Awards, which will be presented at Detroit FanFare Oct. 25. Congrats to all the winners and nominees.

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