REPORT: DC Working on Standalone Batman: The Long Halloween Animated Film


A new report suggests DC Entertainment could be working on an animated version of one of the Dark Knight's most iconic tales: Batman: The Long Halloween.

According to Revenge of the Fans, DC Entertainment is working on an animated adaption of The Long Halloween. The iconic 13-issue series from writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale ran from 1996 to 1997 and focuses on an early event in the Caped Crusader's career. Working with Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to track down a serial killer name Holiday, who murders people on holidays.

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The film is seemingly still in the very early stages development, as the report includes cast members but not their assigned roles. Some of the names listed as involved with the project are Troy Baker, Jensen Ackles, Naya Rivera and Titus Welliver. Baker has voiced a number of DC characters, including Batman, Harvey Dent and Robin. Ackles voiced Jason Todd in Under the Red Hood, which is one of the most well-received Batman animated movies to date. Welliver is known for his roles in films like The Town, and shows such as Sons of Anarchy and Bosch.

The report also indicates that The Long Halloween will be divided into two parts, much like the animated adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns. The movie will apparently be separate from the rest of DC Animated Universe, which already consists of such films as Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen. DC Entertainment has tackled already tackled some of Batman's most iconic tales in animated films such as Gotham by Gaslight, The Killing Joke and Batman: Year One.

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Assuming the film follows the events of the comics, fans can likely expect to see the origin of Two-Face, as the story ties directly into his origin. Other Batman foes such as Scarecrow, the Joker and Carmine Falcone made appearances in The Long Halloween.

Fans of the Dark Knight can also catch the caped crusader in the animated film Batman: Hush, which hits theaters this summer.

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