Report: Archie Comics sues Co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit

Archie Comics has filed a lawsuit against Co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit accusing her of bullying and sexually harassing employees, TMZ reports. The company is asking a judge for an injunction preventing Silberkleit from returning to its Mamaroneck, N.Y., headquarters and from representing the company at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Wife of the late Michael Silberkleit, son of Archie Comics co-founder Louis Silberkleit, Nancy Silberkleit was an art teacher who stepped into the co-CEO role in 2009 following the death of her husband. She shares the title with Jon Goldwater, son of company co-founder John L. Goldwater.

TMZ reports that the lawsuit, filed Thursday in New York, documents employee complaints of Silberkleit's "offensive" behavior dating back to 2009. In one incident she allegedly interrupted a meeting and "pointed to each [attendee] and said, 'PENIS, PENIS, PENIS, PENIS' and then walked out."

Archie Comics claims it hired an outside firm to investigate the allegations, and was advised to cut ties with Silberkleit.

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