EXCLUSIVE: Replicas' Reeves, Eve Give Their Answer to the Film's Biggest Question

Keanu Reeves new sci-fi thriller Replicas arrives in theaters today, but before its arrival, CBR sat down with the movie’s stars to chat about the film and some of the ethical quandaries it explores.

The story follows engineer Will Foster as he attempts to master organic memory transfer from recently deceased humans to robotic shells. He’s close to a breakthrough when his family is killed in a tragic accident, and he makes the controversial decision to throw scientific ethics out the window and try to bring them back using his as yet unproven methods.

Stars of the film Reeves, Alice Eve (who plays Reeves' wife Mona) and John Ortiz (Reeves' morally ambiguous boss Jones) shared their thoughts on whether they’d make the same decision if faced with the tragedy Foster is faced with in the first part of the movie. All three agreed that it would take some serious thought and consideration if that reality were to ever come their way.

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"I’m torn," Ortiz told CBR. "I really am, between the two sides. I’m more like I think like day to day I kinda let things just happen I try not to react. I like to think I’m more pro nature, but you know, I have a twelve year old, I have loved ones, and I have had loved ones leave me way too soon. And so... I think that I might contemplate it a bit more if I can have them back and deal with the consequences later."

Alice Eve, on the other hand, was more inclined to make use of the hypothetical moral quandary, telling us she'd make use of the film's technology. Reeves, on the other hand, was a bit more hesitant, questioning his co-star's willingness to put her faith in the ethically questionable sci-fi science.

Interestingly, while Mona initially doesn’t approve of what her husband is working toward, her tune changes after undergoing the process herself. When asked why, she took the emotional route, which makes sense considering that would be a primary element in such a personal decision.

"I think she saw the love in her husband and I think that that was enough to revive her," she told us. "Love is very, very powerful obviously this is a subject that has been covered over centuries, but we’ve agreed it’s very powerful. And so she sees that love in her husband and of course everything else goes out the window. As love in its most powerful has the capacity to do, it just makes everything go out the window."

In theaters now, Replicas is a production of Entertainment Studios and Riverstone Pictures and is rated PG-13. It's directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff and written by Chad St. John, and stars Keanu Reeves, Alice Even, Thomas Middleditch, Emily Alyn Lind, Emjay Anthony, Nyasha Hatendi and John Ortiz.

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