<i>Reno 911</i> Duo Writing <i>Bourne Identity</i>-Inspired Leprechaun Movie

If Red wasn't enough to get you to forgive Summit Entertainment for Twilight hysteria, then perhaps this will do the trick: the studio has just tapped Reno 911 co-creators Tom Lennon and Robert Ben Garant for a new comedy about a Jason Bourne-inspired leprechaun firefighter.

No, you're not hallucinating (probably not, anyway): Lennon and Garant have taken the creative lead on The Wee McGinty, replacing original writers Mark Gibson and Phil Halprin on the job. Garant will direct the film. An insider tells Deadline to think of Lennon and Garant's screenplay as "The Bourne Identity, but plug in a leprechaun instead of Matt Damon." According to the report, The Wee McGinty focuses on an amnesiac leprechaun who settles in with a group of Chicago firefighters in the wake of his memory loss. The leprechaun's newfound harmony is threatened when he's discovered by a paramilitary group of fellow leprechauns, leading to a tense encounter that includes a wish-off and a fire-breathing Doberman.

Yeah. So, two questions: when does this one come out and when can I buy tickets?

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