Renner Gets Into Hawkeye's Head, Ponders Possibility of Spinoff

Jeremy Renner is quickly becoming one of the biggest action stars Hollywood. Following lead roles in smaller indie movies like Dahmer and The Hurt Locker, he moved on to bigger fare like Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and the upcoming Bourne Legacy. The Los Angeles Times caught up with the actor, who played Hawkeye in The Avengers, and asked Marvel's ace archer and the possibility of a spinoff.

"I don’t know," Renner responded. "I think there’s always possibilities of anything in the Marvel universe. There’s gotta be a want from people to see something like that. I don’t know if there is. Maybe there is maybe there isn’t. But who knows? We’ll see."

The actor admitted the brainwashed S.H.I.E.L.D. operative he portrayed for most of the blockbuster wasn't what he'd signed on for, leading him to focus on the physical aspects of the character.

"There’s not a lot of back story or understanding we can really tell about who Clint Barton is, or Hawkeye, and is he working for S.H.I.E.L.D. or not," Renner said. "There’s a lot of unanswered questions, even for me. And I was OK with that. At least I was still in the movie. And I was glad for that. The closest thing I could really link to was Scarlett [Johansson's] character, Black Widow, because they have a history. And that definitely plays in the movie, I think. And obviously, you can’t go into too much just because there’s so much story to tell, but you definitely get a sense that they’re connected, and that there’s something really, really important that ties them together. And I could try to summarize it, but it can go a lot of places. That excites me, though, that there’s room for other things."

Renner delved further into Hawkeye's allegiances, something he and director Joss Whedon talked about extensively. "Just by his nature as a sniper if you will, as a guy who hangs out in rooftops, in trees, and takes out his targets from a distance," he said of Hawkeye's seeming loner status. "Joss and I kind of talked about that. About how he’s a loner and a lone-wolf kind of character anyway, and a rebel. I don’t know if he’s really such a team player. He kind of does his own thing … but still with goodwill and intent. So yeah, as part of this big team, I don’t know how he fits in, but he’s really interesting because of that."

After speaking very diplomatically about the role and explaining that it was just part of the bigger story, Renner explained what aspect of Hawkeye intrigued him the most.

"It’s something plausible," Renner said. "He’s a human being. He’s not a superhero with superpowers, he’s just a guy with a high skill set. So I thought that was kind of interesting. And that’s why I was really kind of like, 'OK, I think I could see myself doing that role.'”

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