Renegade Arts previews its 2014 lineup

Canadian purveyor of fine comics Renegade Arts Entertainment has sent along some preview images from its 2014 slate.

I've recently spotted Dept. of Monsterology artist Paul "PJ" Holden tweet of his disappointment that the positive buzz and great reviews for the comic haven't necessarily translated into sales, and that's a shame. The first three issues were among my favorite comics of 2013, jam-packed with old-school pulp action, with writer Gordon Rennie filling it with Easter eggs to be spotted by fans of classic sci-fi and horror.

I'd heartily recommend it to fans of the Mignola-verse, Doug Moench's Master of Kung Fu comics, or Moore and O'Neill's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. 2014 will see the first miniseries end, to be collected as a trade paperback at some later point, and hopefully we'll also see a second series commissioned soon, too.

The Loxleys and Confederation is the sequel to The Loxleys and The War of 1812, Alan Grant and Claude St. Aubin's graphic novel dramatization of Thomas Jefferson's ill-advised invasion of Canada. The book has proved to be a crossover hit with Canada's schools, with all kinds of spinoffs aimed at educators. The sequel is set 50 years later, with the "confederation" in the book's title referring both to the effects of the American Civil War upon Canada, and to the founding of the modern state of Canada with the act of confederation of 1867. This page features the Loxleys discussing the impact the American Civil War may have on the Canadian provinces.

Written by Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby, with art by Tiernen Trevallion, Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter asks what if the events of the epic narrative poem "Tam o' Shanter" were actually based on something that happened to Burns himself? I've been anticipating this book for quite a while now, and editor/publisher Alexander Finbow shares with us another page from the original graphic novel. Yup, if you've always wanted to see Scotland's national poet swing a sickle at a big red demon, today is your lucky day.

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