'Ren & Stimpy's' John Kricfalusi Creates 'The Simpsons' Halloween Couch Gag

"Ren & Stimpy" creator John Kricfalusi will return to "The Simpsons" with an extended couch gag for “Treehouse of Horror XXVI."

The animator last produced a 35-second sequence for a 2011 episode (below), but for the Halloween special he'll go a little longer: 1 minute and 45 seconds.

“It’s different from not only anything that we’ve done, but anything I’ve ever seen him do,” "The Simpsons" showrunner Al Jean tells Entertainment Weekly. “His work is a very twisted homage to Hanna-Barbera, and what’s funny is he has the kids wearing Huckleberry Hound masks. We had to get clearance from the Huckleberry Hound people. Then it turns into a John Kricfalusi cartoon and a song by him. It’s one of those things where any frame you look at, you just go, ‘Wow.’ It’s meticulously made. … If you want to know how hard he worked on it, this was originally going to air on last year’s Halloween show.”


As previously reported, this year's "Treehouse of Horror" will also see Sideshow Bob kill his arch-nemesis Bart Simpson. You never saw the Road Runner lose," Jean teases. "This time you do.”

In addition, the episode will parody the original "Godzilla" in -- what else? -- "Homerzilla," as the death of Grandpa leads to the awakening of a monster from the deaths. There's also a sendup of the 2012 film "Chronicle," in which the Simpson kids gain powers based on their intelligence.

“We did one before that was a Marvel parody, and this isn’t that,” Jean says. “This is creepier — and the consequences are worse.”


"Treehouse of Horror XXVI" airs Sunday, Oct. 25, on Fox.

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