Remender Hints at TV Deals for "Deadly Class," "Black Science"

Fans of Rick Remender's Image Comics titles might want to start fan-casting some potential TV series.

During a recent Reddit AMA, Remender was asked about the prospects of several title making the leap from the page to small screen. While the writer didn't make any official announcements during the lengthy Q&A session, he indicated that there might be some developments being made public in the near future.

Asked whether his and artist Matteo Scalera's "Black Science" was in development for TV, Remender replied, "We have very exciting news... but not yet." And when a fan asked about his and artist Wes Craig's Image title coming to television or film, Remender stated, "There are very good chances of DEADLY CLASS becoming a TV show."

Remender and Scalera launched "Black Science," a story about dimension-hopping scientists/adventurers, in 2013; he and Craig debuted "Deadly Class," a series detailing the adventures of a high school for assassins, in 2014.

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