Remender and Tocchini's 'Low' surfaces July 30

At the Image Expo in January, one of the many (many, many) projects announced was a third Rick Remender project -- Low, with artist Greg Tocchini, who Remender worked with on Uncanny X-Force and Last Days of American Crime. Today Image announced the first issue would arrive July 30.

It joins Remender's two other projects with the publisher, Black Science and Deadly Class, and is set in a future where humanity lives on the bottom of the ocean in cities shielded from a dying sun's radiation. When a probe returns from space, a brave group heads to the surface to retrieve it.

"The aspect that came later and gave Low its beating heart is the mother of this family we follow, Stell," Remender told CBR. "She's this unbridled optimist, which is something I've never written. I always sink into my depression and just go, 'We're all fucked and it's all gonna end bad!' It was fun to dig into something so foreign to me: Optimism. I'm in therapy learning about optimism and positive thinking, and the correlations between what you think and how you feel, and also reading about numerous theories from physicists who are saying that matter and things in the world don't take shape until a living creature sees them. What an outlandish, crazy concept that is, that we are painting the world around us. I fell in love with this woman, Stell, having an optimistic point of view where, in the face of this inevitable expansion of the sun, she's still optimistic she can solve things, and that optimism is infectious. It can be damaging, in some cases. It's such a large story and digging into that aspect of it coalesced into a story I want to tell."

Check out a preview of the comic below.

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