Remembering Michael Turner: Geoff Johns

As word spread last Friday of Michael Turner's passing, the conversation at Wizard World Chicago shifted from the events of the show to the remembrance of a close friend and colleague. Tributes took place at multiple panels over the weekend, with many observing a moment of silence for a comic book talent taken much too soon.

In addition to heartfelt tributes from Aspen EiC Vince Hernandez, Joe Quesada, Dan DiDio, Jeph Loeb and other numerous artists in attendance at the Chicago show, CBR News received another such offering from a close friend of Michael Turner, Geoff Johns. The following are his remarks in their entirety.

By Geoff Johns

I wish all of you had known Mike like I did. He was the greatest guy in the room, no matter who else was there. And it wasn't because he was so talented or charismatic or funny. He treated everyone with so much respect and courtesy, not just his friends, but everyone. It was inspiring. He loved his fans and would travel even when it should've been impossible to see them.

Mike was great at pool. He never lost a race in "Mario Kart." He always had his home open to his friends for poker games and "Halo" matches and drinking. He always had better beer in the fridge than the beer you'd bring.

It's strange. We hardly ever talked about comic books. We had too many other things to talk about. I used to make him laugh so hard he'd snort.

I'm trying not to be angry, because Mike never was. Never. But it's hard.

Mike was one of my best friends. I'm going to miss him a lot.

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