Remembering David Levine

The Internet turned out in full force last week to pay homage to the illustrious cartoonist and illustrator David Levine, who passed away last Tuesday. Here's a quick rundown of some of the more notable articles:

• Here's the New York Times' official obituary.

• The Times also has a nice appraisal by Michael Kimmelman. Oh, wait, here's another one, by Steven Heller.

Tom Spurgeon, meanwhile, does his usual excellent job chronicling the artist's life and talent.

• David Margolick recalls his relationship with Levine for The Daily Beast, which also has a nice gallery of art.

• NPR has words and pictures, as well as an interview with political cartoonist Mike Luckovich.

• British cartoonist Steve Bell pays homage here.

• Finally, here's a lengthy remembrance from New York Magazine.

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