Remember When Mini-Series Had Endings?

I don't blame Will Pfeifer for it, because there is just no way that he could have possibly come up with the ending for Amazons Attack, but in any event, the ending of Amazons Attack...is a CLIFFHANGER!

Not only is it a cliffhanger, but it is a cliffhanger that comes out of NOWHERE, has ZERO connection to any previous Wonder Woman story, and (besides the whole "behind the scenes" aspect, I suppose) has zero connection to anything that happened in the Amazons Attack storyline!! You know, the storyline to which it is the ENDING for!!!

Finally, it will (and, essentially, the Amazons Attack storyline itself) be entirely resolved in the pages of Countdown to Final Crisis!!

That is quite absurd.

I like it better when mini-series have endings.

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