Remember When Man-Thing Showed up on Dungeons and Dragons?

This is Comic Book Easter Eggs, where I spotlight notable "Easter Eggs" (basically hidden references) within comic books or other media (so long as it is connected to comic books somehow).

One of the great cartoon series of the 1980s was Dungeons and Dragons, which ran for three seasons between 1983-1985. Mark Evanier developed the series, which took a group of ordinary teens and pre-teens and threw them into the world of Dungeons and Dragons, with each character getting a magical item that ties them in with a classic Dungeons and Dragons type character (like a ranger, a thief, etc.).

The series was notable by just how much it embraced the conceit of the series and took everything very seriously. It didn't mess around, and for the time, some parents were disturbed by the levels of violence (which was silly, as it really wasn't that violent).

Anyhow, my pal G. Kendall (who you might know from his work right here at CBR!) told me about a neat Easter Egg in one of the early episodes of the series.

Now, as many of you might know by now, the legendary comic book writer Steve Gerber got his start writing the adventures of Man-Thing (first in Fear and then in his own series)...

It was during this period that Gerber invented what would become his most famous creation, Howard the Duck!

Gerber later split from Marvel over a dispute over his rights to Howard the Duck. Out of comics, Gerber began to write for cartoons and became one of the most acclaimed cartoon writer of the 1980s (his G.I. Joe episodes are considered iconic classics).

He wrote the seventh episode of Dungeons and Dragons, "Prison Without Walls," and sure enough, the gang runs into a Muck-Monster who is basically just Man-Thing coming by for a visit!

You can watch the episode here (for now, at least).

Very funny stuff!

Thanks for the suggestion, G!

If anyone else has a cool comic book related Easter Egg that they'd like to see me feature, drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

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