Remember When Erik Larsen & Jeff Matsuda Sent Wolverine Into Space?


"Wolverine" #133-138 was the beginning of Erik Larsen's run as writer on the series, starting with a January 1999 cover date. This opening six-parter, titled "The Great Escape" on the cover of the first issue and then just as quickly forgotten, sends Wolverine alone into space to free the captives of the Prison Planet, held by The Collector.


  • I'd buy an art book of just those Looney Tunes/DC cover crossovers. There's a whole lot of awesome on those covers. Please, DC?

  • Get our your graphing calculators, kids, and program the Batman equation!
  • Sidebar Nation has a great podcast interview with Jason Schachter, the mastermind over at Essential Sequential, which represents a bunch of great comic artists in doing their original art sales, art books, etc. It's an interesting look at that side of the business, covering a large number of topics.
  • Batman: Europa" and "Captain America: White" will both be published this fall. It's like the end of the universe is coming and things are finally happening...

  • John Byrne's original "X-Men" art is highly sought after. Most of that art is housed in private collections with people who are happy to own it. I don't think it changes hands all that often. But every once in a while, you get a blockbuster piece like this. It's hard to picture another more iconic page of Byrne's art from that run, let alone a double page spread like that. It's just over $100,000 as I write this, once you include the auction fees. There's more than a week to go, though. I'm sure that number will rise greatly before the gavel comes down.

  • Watch a French comic book artist do some watercoloring. People who can do convincing watercolor work are a miracle. I can't imagine splashing water over my inked drawings and making them look better, somehow. That's crazy.

  • Jake Parker's latest video is his "Personal Manifesto," though I have to admit I was far too distracted by watching someone drawing on a Cintiq to get all of the manifesto on the first viewing. Mesmerizing.

  • Tweet of the week goes to Tom Beland:

    #Superman #FantasticFour sketch cover pic.twitter.com/NbPZionRbP

    — Tom Beland (@TomBelandTSSTG) August 13, 2015

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