Remember when Brooke Shields played Wonder Woman?

Brooke Shields is no stranger to playing comics characters, whether it's live-action in Brenda Starr and Tales from the Crypt, or voice work in The Batman and as Carol Ferris in Justice League: The New Frontier. She's even played Morticia Addams on Broadway.

The Addams Family matriarch wasn't Shields' first time playing a comic book character on stage, either. In 1986, she was a student at Princeton and a member of the school's musical comedy touring group, The Princeton Triangle Club. The troupe's production that year was called "Star Spangled Banter," which I can't find any other information about other than that it somehow featured Wonder Woman and Shields played her.

I found the photo above from the Pinterest page of Princeton's McCarter Theatre Center; DC Women Kicking Ass has gathered others from Tumblr (below).

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