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Remember to Forget – When Archangel Had Sex With a Teenager In the Sky Above Her Mom

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Remember to Forget – When Archangel Had Sex With a Teenager In the Sky Above Her Mom

In this series we spotlight comic book stories that are likely best left forgotten. Here is an archive of past installments.

Today we look at the infamous “Archangel/Husk” sex scene from the Uncanny X-Men storyline “She Lies With Angels”…

After first appearing in, of all places, a Rom Annual, Joshua Guthrie got a nice spotlight issue when Sam Guthrie went back home with Lila Cheney, his girlfriend at the time. Sam causes a ruckus by accusing Lila of stealing some nice gift she got for him for when she would meet his mom for the first time.

Anyhow, throughout the issue, writer Chris Claremont (the issue was drawn by Butch Guice and Kyle Baker) has Joshua Guthrie, now the “man” of the family with Sam gone, express his resentment at both Sam getting to leave their small town and also for Sam having mutant powers. At the end of the issue, Joshua saves the day by singing enough to charge up Dazzler (who was along for the ride with Lila Cheney) to rescue her and Lila from a cave-in…

The cute resolution is that, now that his voice has changed due to puberty, Joshua’s “power” was that he was good singer. It’s a whole metaphor about how everyone has something that is special about them, whether they are mutants or not.

So, of course, years later, in Uncanny X-Men #437 (by Chuck Austen, Salvador Larroca and Danny Miki), Joshua is given ACTUAL mutant powers…

I wasn’t a fan of that idea, but eh, I get it. There’s a whole lot of mutant books, so it is not surprising that you want to make as many characters mutants as you can, especially when they have built in connections to other characters. One of Joshua’s brothers has been attacked for being a mutant, as well, so the X-Men come down to help out. Meanwhile, Joshua and that waitress have a big over-the-top Romeo and Juliet relationship, right down to Austen having Joshua say dialogue that’s re-worked Romeo and Juliet dialogue. It’s very much over-the-top, but honestly, I didn’t have so much of a problem with it, as it sort of drove into the swerve, with the book fully embracing the silliness of the idea and it sort of worked.

Meanwhile, there was this even weirder storyline going on with Warren Worthington, Archangel, leader of this team of X-Men, who had been dealing with his feelings for Paige Guthrie, Husk, for many issues at this point (almost twenty or so). He talks to her mom about his feelings for Paige…

This pisses Paige off…

And then we get the hilariously awkward “having sex in the sky above her mom” scene…

Things get even goofier the next issue when bad guys show up to kill Joshua and the other Guthries while Warren and Paige are in the sky screwing…

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the Warren/Paige relationship did not last past Austen’s run, and this became one of those stories that really DID become forgotten. Except by those of us who got a kick out of how goofy it was, of course.

If you have a suggestion for a comic book plot that is best off forgotten, drop me a line at

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