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Remember to Forget – That Time Supergirl and Wonder Woman Gave Up Being Superheroes Because it is too “Manly”

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Remember to Forget – That Time Supergirl and Wonder Woman Gave Up Being Superheroes Because it is too “Manly”

In this series we spotlight comic book stories that are best left forgotten. Here is an archive of past installments.

Today we take a look at a story by Bob Haney and John Rosenberger that is so bizarre that you really would think that you’re reading a tale of mind control…only it isn’t! Prepare yourself for “The Revolt of the Super-Chicks” from Brave and the Bold #63!

To give you an idea of how bizarre this comic is, just look at the opening page…

The gist of the story is that Supergirl saves a movie actress and is disappointed that people pay more attention to the movie star than her…

She determines that she needs to be more feminine…

This leads to a great confrontation between Supergirl and Superman where he has to quickly defend his heterosexuality…

However, when Wonder Woman goes to confront Supergirl, she finds her in Paris and becomes enraptured by the lifestyle…

You might think that this is a mind-control story. But it is not! This is them just deciding that these Paris hunks are more important than being superheroes!

The two women end up independently going to the same island for a romantic getaway. It just so happens to be the island retreat of the villain, Multi-Face, who has the awesome power of…you know…having multiple faces….

Multi-Face tries to take them out through various attacks. They not only stop the attacks, but they do so in a fashion that their boyfriends don’t figure out what’s going on…

I love the notion that Wonder Woman is UNDERCOVER! She’s wearing her tiara!!!

Finally, Multi-Face forces the super-chicks into suiting up and taking him down, ultimately leading them to realize that they have to be superheroes and have to give up their boyfriends…

I kept waiting for Superman to exclaim, “Who are you winking at?!?!”

One of Haney’s most bizarre tales, and that’s saying something!

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