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Remember to Forget – That Time Steve Trevor Made Diana Prince Pretend to be Wonder Woman for Him

by  in Comic News Comment
Remember to Forget – That Time Steve Trevor Made Diana Prince Pretend to be Wonder Woman for Him

In this series we spotlight comic book stories that are likely best left forgotten. Here is an archive of past installments.

Today, based on a suggestion from reader Fraser, we look at the time that Steve Trevor made Diana Prince pretend to be Wonder Woman for him…

So here’s the thing, last week, I talked about the debut of the super-racist villain Egg Fu in 1965’s Wonder Woman #157 (by Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito) (1965, people! Just fifty years ago!). However, here’s the weird thing, before Egg Fu even came into play in the story (well, he’s on the title page, where Wonder Woman tells us the name of the story, “I the Bomb,” but not in the actual meat of the story until the second half of the issue), the comic was already super weird.

The basic concept is that Steve Trevor has been assigned a very dangerous spy mission. The other eleven pilots who have been sent on this mission before him have all been seemingly killed. They can’t even TELL him the mission until he is in the air. This sure looks like a suicide mission. So Steve naturally wants to find his best girl, Wonder Woman, in the hour he has before he goes off to die. The thing is, the timing makes things awkward for him…

War is obviously messed up, and so it explains a whole lot of otherwise bizarre behavior, but even with that in mind, this seems like a bit of a bridge too far. It’s not awful, hence it not being in the column for the really awful ideas, but it’s still pretty darn strange, and not in a cool way.

Anyhow, their canoodling is interrupted by some saboteurs, presumably here to stop Steve from even GOING on the mission (they never explain exactly what they are here to sabotage)…

Wonder Woman intends to spring into action, but fate takes a hand again…

So Steve has to kick their asses. Sorry, I mean “chop suey” them. Unsurprisingly, these scenes were also super racist. I intentionally excised the SUPER-racist parts, because we already went into how racist this issue got with the whole Egg Fu thing and I didn’t want to interrupt the other weirdness of the issue, but suffice it to say that these saboteurs are also super-racist caricatures. Anyhow, Steve kicks their asses…

and then our ending…

Weird, weird issue. And THEN we meet Egg Fu! That is one packed comic book!

Thanks to Fraser for the suggestion!

If anyone else has a suggestion for a comic book story that would be best if it was just excised from the history of a comic character, but not to the level of, say, Egg Fu or Hal Jordan messing around with a teenager? Then send me a suggestion for Remember to Forget to!

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