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Remember to Forget – That Time Psylocke Was Sexually Assaulted by Her Brother’s “Evil Twin”

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Remember to Forget – That Time Psylocke Was Sexually Assaulted by Her Brother’s “Evil Twin”

In this series we spotlight comic book stories that are likely best left forgotten. Here is an archive of past installments.

Today, we take a look at a weird plotline from the second volume of Captain Britain’s UK series…

As I wrote about in a recent history of Psylocke that I did for the main CBR site, Captain Britain had an odd publication history over in Marvel UK. His initial series fizzled out, but he was able to keep going in back-up stories in various Marvel UK anthology titles (which was the standard in the UK, especially because weekly comics are big there and therefore anthologies are really the only way to do high-standard weekly comic books). Even these back-ups didn’t do all that well, until Alan Davis got involved. Working first with Dave Thorpe, Davis re-designed Captain Britain’s costume, giving him the famous look that he still more or less uses today, and then Davis was joined by a certain Alan Moore, and then things got REALLY good.

One of the notable things that Moore and Davis did (as the series continued to move from title to title, with their most famous issues probably taking place in the special monthly anthology Daredevils) was bring back Captain Britain’s twin sister, Betsy, only now make her a telepath AND a spy, working for the British version of SHIELD!

Oh, Slaymaster, you’ll never become an annoying character.

Betsy then became a recurring supporting cast member, although rarely did she actually do much in the way of fighting. She was often more of a reactive personality…

Like that, or using her powers for exposition, like the classic “Jim Jaspers turns the world against superheroes” storyline (Moore and Davis’ take on Civil War was amazing)…

So eventually, after Alan Moore moved on, the title finally got its own comic book series, Captain Britain volume two. This was the last series before the character eventually moved over to American comic books for Excalibur. Jamie Delano came on board as the scripter, but I tend to suspect that Alan Davis by this point was heavily involved with the plotting of the comic (not that he wasn’t before with Thorpe and Moore, as he obviously was, but I mean in those situations he was sort of on par with the other guy while here he was the senior man).

Betsy sort of fell out of the book at one point during Britain’s stint in The Mighty World of Marvel (she was dealing with the loss of her boyfriend during the Jaspers conflict), but Davis and Delano brought her back right away in the ongoing series, as she meets her brother’s new love interest, Meggan…

In issue #5, Captain Britain faces off against Kapitan Briton, an evil version of himself from a different universe. Kapitan Briton has even goten into Braddock Manor…

In the end, it looks like Brian won…

By the way, as a quick aside, how weird is the way Davis draws Betsy’s chin? It makes Jay Leno’s chin look puny in comparison!

Anyow, Betsy is now chilling at home, happy that her brother took care of the invader. And that’s when things get REALLY weird. Go to the next page to see what happens…

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