Remember to Forget - That Time Dr. Doom Tried to Force Himself on a Peasant Girl

In this series we spotlight comic book stories that are best left forgotten. Here is an archive of past installments.

Today we take a look at what was probably the lowest point of Dr. Doom's comic book career, the time that he tried to force himself on a peasant girl and then got his ass kicked by...the SHROUD?!?!

Right off the bat, it is worth noting that Steve Englehart, the writer of the issue in question, was not exactly a big "Doom is a noble villain" guy. Englehart had already written the immortal "Where's my money, honey?" issue of Luke Cage where Doom stiffs Cage on a bill and Cage flies to Latveria for his $200 (you can read about that classic tale here). So bear that in mind when you hear about what happened in SuperVillain Team-Up #7.

After capturing Namor, Doom decides that he hasn't been hard enough on the peasants of Latveria. They might think he's gone soft, so he decides that the best way to make them fear him is by having sex with an attractive peasant girl...

Uncool, Doom, uncool! Luckily for Gretchen, the blind superhero the Shroud (who was introduced just two issues earlier) is here to help!

Doom and the Shroud face off and the Shroud handles Doom pretty easily, really...

Not a good day for Doom. Pick up a copy of the Essential Super Villain Team-Up to read this story and more, especially the bit after Doom falls to his seeming death where Shroud totally brags about killing Doom to Namor (the art, by the way, is by Herb Trimpe and Pablo Marcos).

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