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Remember to Forget – That Time Cyclops Ditched His Wife and Newborn for His Ex-Girlfriend

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Remember to Forget – That Time Cyclops Ditched His Wife and Newborn for His Ex-Girlfriend

In this series we spotlight comic book stories that are likely best left forgotten. Here is an archive of past installments.

About a month ago, I talked about one of my problems with the original idea behind X-Factor, that the original X-Men deciding to become mutant hunters and thus make mutants more of a feared minority was an oddly bad idea for them to think made sense. At the time, I mentioned that I would eventually do a follow-up on the other major problem from the early days of X-Factor, and here is that follow-up – how X-Factor was built, in part, on the idea that Cyclops would ditch his wife and newborn son at the first chance he got to hook up with his thought-to-be dead girlfriend, Jean Grey…

Scott Summers relationship with Madelyne Pryor was always an odd one. After Jean Grey seemingly died in X-Men #137, Scott Summers had a brief fling with Lee Forrester (who every X-Men character at one point has a fling with), which pretty much ended in Uncanny X-Men #168…

And then met Madelyne Pryor, who, of course, looked exactly like Jean Grey…

He and Maddie work fast, as he already tells her he is a mutant by Uncanny X-Men #170…

And then he looks past a rather major red flag in the next issue…

and they’re married within seven issues of meeting each other…

That was pretty much the beginning of the end for the couple, as the problem with Cyclops is that he can’t leave well enough alone. He feels that he owes a duty to the X-Men that is greater than what he owes his pregnant wife, which leads to Uncanny X-Men #201, where he tries to leave his wife and kid to lead the X-Men again.

It begins right after his wife gives birth (while he’s gone, of course)…

(Look at how sad he looks! “Stupid baby”)

We learn that Maddie has doubts about him…

Doubts that are confirmed when we learn that he has decided that he needs to leave them to become the leader of the X-Men even though the X-Men already HAD a leader.

So he LOSES the duel and look how sad he looks to be going back to his wife and kid!

But at least they’re together again!

But then Jean Grey returned from the dead.

Go to the next page to see how poorly Scott handles THAT!

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