Remember to Forget Archive

This is a collection of all the past Remember to Forget installments! Remember We Forget is where we spotlight comic book stories that are best left forgotten.

The stories are listed in the order that I have featured them, so the most recent stuff is at the bottom of the page.

1. That Time Supergirl and Wonder Woman Gave Up Being Superheroes Because it is too "Manly"

2. That Time Dr. Doom Tried to Force Himself on a Peasant Girl

3. That Time Spider-Man's Parents Turned Out to Be Robots

4. The Strange Sexual Journey of Ice Maiden

5. The X-Men and the Case of the Exploding Communion Wafers

6. Daredevil's Team-Up With Uri Geller

7. When Daredevil Faked His Death and Got an Armored Costume

8. That Time the Punisher Became a Black Guy

9. That Time the Punisher Became a Supernatural Angel of Vengeance

10. That Time That Batman Wet His Pants

11. The Fantastic Four's "Lincoln's Mother" Defense

12. When Archangel Had Sex With a Teenager In the Sky Above Her Mom

13. "My X-Men, Kill Each Other For My Amusement...Er...Wait, I Mean to Prove You're Not Skrulls!"

14. That Time Spider-Man Accidentally Hit Mary Jane

15. That Time Iron Man Turned Evil, Died and Was Replaced By His Teen Self

16. When Doctor Strange Adopted the Origin of Neo from the Matrix

17. That Time Steve Trevor Force Diana Prince Into Pretending to be Wonder Woman for an Hour

18. That Time Steve Trevor Used Wonder Woman's Magic Lasso to Force Her to Marry Him

19. The "Hero" Who Traveled to the Future to Make Women Take Their Clothes Off

20. That Time the Punisher Killed Nick Fury

21. That Time Batman Tried to Starve a Guy to Death

22. That Time Batman Made Robin's Girlfriend the New Robin to Make Robin Jealous

23. That Time the X-Men Decided Hunting Down Mutants Was a Good Idea

24. That Time Iron Man Ordered an Assassination Attempt to Provoke a War to Win Civil War

25. Captain America Doesn't Even Know What MySpace Is!

26. That Time Psylocke Was Sexually Assaulted by Her Brother's Evil Twin

27. That Time Cyclops Ditched His Wife and Newborn for His Ex-Girlfriend

28. That Time Green Arrow Cheated on Black Canary and Blamed the Woman He Slept With

29. How Civil War Gave Us One of the All-Time Worst Superheroes

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