Remastered Fraggle Rock Coming to HBO

The Jim Henson Company has announced that HBO will air digitally remastered episodes of "Fraggle Rock" by the end of 2016 (via Deadline).

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"Fraggle Rock" was a puppet series that aired on HBO from 1983 until 1987. The show was about a group of colorful creatures that lived carefree lives in caves underground. They shared their caves with a smaller and hard-working species known as Doozers, who endlessly built intricate structures around them. Occasionally, the Fraggles would go above ground to interact with huge creatures known as Gorgs, who thought they were the only intelligent beings in the universe. The show had a lot of music with different styles ranging from folk to rock, and had lessons about dealing with others and conservation.

The show was unique in that Henson designed it to be aired internationally. The wraparound segments set in the human world were shot in various regions including Denmark, Canada, and Eastern Europe, allowing the show to be seen in over 98 countries. "Fraggle Rock" was honored with several awards, including five International Emmy Awards and three Cable ACE Awards.


After 1987, HBO continued to air reruns, but eventually the show moved on to different channels. The Disney Channel started airing "Fraggle Rock" in 1992, until it moved on to Odyssey Network, Boomerang, and the Hub, over the course of twenty years. For the first time, the series will air in HD, on HBO.

(via TVLine)

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