Relive 'Star Wars' glory days in 'Summer '78' short film

There's nothing like summer to get a kid's creativity running wild. School's out, and there's all that free time to create your own adventures with the official toy releases from your favorite film -- plus whatever boxes and other items you can scrounge up to bring your vision to life.

Summer '78, a new short film directed by J.C. Reifenberg and James Arnold Taylor, features a young boy, played by Hunter Leon, a host of the original Kenner Star Wars action figures and whole lot of imagination. And while there may be a "continuity error" (Kenner's Millennium Falcon toy didn't actually debut until 1979), it does capture the feeling of being a Star Wars fan in the late 1970s.

Watch the film below, and be sure to watch the whole thing to see the surprise ending:

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