Relive blockbusters of 2015 in single sprawling, soaring supercut

There's nothing better than a great movie--except, maybe, a great trailer.

Hollywood blockbusters only get more spectacular as time and technology move forward, but the deluge of major motion pictures can often overwhelm audiences to such a degree that their ability to retain that spectacle diminishes each time a new next-big-thing comes up the pike. A new online video restores that primal sense of awe, though, with a supercut that strings together clips from dozens of 2015 releases, leaving audiences to wonder whether they just lived through the blockbustingest year in movie history.

The trailer mashup comes courtesy the folks at the Sleepy Skunk, who have been releasing the year-end movie roundups since 2010.

There's an impressive thematic cohesion to the piece, despite being stitched together from movies of all kinds--from family fare to gee-whiz popcorn pageantry, and tense, real-world melodrama to impossible fantasy. In some ways, the lack of narrative specificity in the "super-trailer" proves just how wonderfully manipulative the medium can be--back the right clips with the right music, sequence the right reaction shots, keep viewers on their seats' edge for just long enough, and even the most skeptical audiences can become the playthings of skilled movie-makers. The video makes a convincing case for the intense emotional power of film.

The complete list of the films featured in the video, including as-yet-unreleased films like "The Hateful Eight" and "Concussion," is available on the Sleepy Skunk Tumblr.

Whether it was "Mad Max: Fury Road," "Avengers: Age of Ultron," "Dope," "Kingsmen: The Secret Service," "Sicario," "Creed," or "Jurassic World," did you catch your favorite movie moment of 2015 in the video? Sound off in the comments.

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