Relativity Plans To Unveil <i>Bible Code</i>

Apparently, The DaVinci Code wasn't the only quasi-religious code hidden throughout history before becoming discovered fairly recently. There's also The Bible Code, which not only predicted the election of Barack Obama, but is headed to a movie theater near you.

Relativity Media - the company behind such varied fare as The Social Network, Scott Pilgrim Versus The World, Nanny McPhee and MacGruber - has optioned Michael Drosnin’s series of books about a hidden code kept within the Bible that predicted future events and warn of an upcoming armageddon. While Relativity plans to film the books as fiction, Drosnin, a former Washington Post reporter, claims that the code is actually real, and the third book in the series, The Bible Code III: Saving The World is a non-fiction book about how to avoid the predicted apocalypse. Which could make any potential movie trilogy problematic, should the first film be a success.

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