Relativity Grabs <i>Stretch Armstrong</i>, Without Taylor Lautner as Lead

If Toy Story has taught us anything it's that toys just want to be played with and always make for good movies, right? Well, that doesn't seem to be the message that Universal has picked up. In addition to putting the brakes on the Ouija, Magic The Gathering, Clue and Monopoly movies, the studio recently let the rights lapse on Stretch Armstrong.

However, according to Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter, the project isn't dead yet, courtesy of a new deal between Relativity Media toymaker Hasbro.

The Universal version was originally set to star Twilight's Taylor Lautner, with a script rewritten by Nick Stoller (The Muppets, The Five-Year Engagement) and directed by Rob Letterman (Monsters vs. Aliens, Gulliver's Travels), but it doesn't look like any of those names are following the project to Relativity.

Stretch Armstrong debuted in 1976, boasting the ability to be pulled and twisted, thanks to his corn-syrup innards and latex rubber skin. His first run ended in 1980, but Stretch made a comeback in the early '90s. The classic toy didn't have much back story, so the film could essentially be about any stretchable muscle man.

Relativity announced it intends to release its adaptation April 11, 2014. No writer, director or stars are attached just yet.

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