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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: 2015-12-09

The Actual Roger #4
Preview: The Actual Roger #4
3 Comic Previews
Superhero? Publicity stunt? Decoy? Doesn’t matter now because 9-year-old, low-flying Roger Beaman’s on the run, chased by a rabid “do-gooder” CPS officer, a crazed ex-sidekick (whose secret power would chill …
Monstress #2
Review: Monstress #2
3 Comic Reviews
In Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda's "Monstress" #2, Maika is pursued by the ruthless Mother Superior and her Inquisitrixes and gains some allies, even though she'd prefer to operate solo.
New Romancer #1
Review: New Romancer #1
3 Comic Reviews
Peter Milligan and Brett Parson's "New Romancer" mixes the romanticism of deceased historical figures with 21st century online dating, and the end result is intriguing, if a bit slow-moving.
Gotham Academy #13
Review: Gotham Academy #13
3 Comic Reviews
Brenden Fletcher, Adam Archer and Sandra Hope plunge the school into "Robin War" in "Gotham Academy" #13, which introduces zombies to the overall story, even as the title's own plots continue to advance.
Symmetry #1
Review: Symmetry #1
3 Comic Reviews
Matt Hawkins and Raffaele Ienco's "Symmetry" #1 explores many well-worn elements of utopian/dystopian cultures and the repression of individuality, but Hawkins skillfully freshens up those ideas while Ienco makes this future look beautiful.
Gwenpool Special #1
Review: Gwenpool Special #1
3 Comic Reviews
An array of stories featuring She-Hulk, Deadpool and -- of course -- Gwenpool make for a funny and whimsical holiday one-shot in "Gwenpool Special" #1, framed by Charles Soule and Langdon Foss with contributions from several other creators.
Batman #47
Review: Batman #47
3 Comic Reviews
Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and Danny Miki hit high gear in "Batman" #47 as Jim Gordon's fight against Mr. Bloom escalates, Bruce Wayne can't avoid his past and the Gotham card is flipped.
Starfire #7
Preview: Starfire #7
3 Comic Previews
It’s the final showdown between Starfire and the wicked Soren Hook! As the battle reaches its end, a familiar face arrives in Key West! Will sparks fly when Kori is …
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